Introduction: Installing Car Door Speakers

Does the sound quality in your car make you ponder? “Is this all I can really get out of my music experience?” Have you ran out of horrible jokes and told every child hood story you can think of? Or are you just wondering what could possibly be loud enough to block the droning on of your passengers “problems”. Well strap your seat belts in because there is hope!

It does indeed get better! With a little DIY interior work you can get your crunchy old audio system sounding crisp as new. (picture of speaker) With my help I’ll show you how to wire new door speakers and a set of sub woofers into your very own automobile in a very easy to understand way.


You will need

· Wire cutters

· Wire crimpers

· Butt end connectors

· New speakers - you'll definitely need these

· Screw drivers

· Small ratcheting wrench set

· Speaker wire - optional

· Electrical tape - optional

Step 1: Remove Door Panal Screws

Now it's time to start the dirty work! The front door panels have to come off to access the speakers we will be replacing in this instructable. The best way to find that is google haha, but I'll show you an example on a 97 Dodge 1500 and honestly they are pretty much the same from there.

Remove any and all bolts/screws you see holding the door panel on, and be careful to see if there a triangular piece by the top of the door in front of the window to one side or another. My example doesn't have one but some cars will even keep another speaker in that location.

Step 2: Remove Door Panal

Having the door panel loose we will need to start gently prying the panel off. Find the loosest section of your panel and insert the flat head screwdriver we prepared earlier. After the door panel is off you will need to unplug the electronics before you pull it away. Be gentle as your door panel has plastic snaps under the outside that will break if you’re not careful. You don’t need all of the snaps so if your break a few it’s not a big deal.

Here is a video to help explain it:How to remove door panal

And the link if the above doesn't work -

Step 3: Remove Old Speaker

After the door panel is off we simply take the old speaker off, it should be held in by 4 screws/bolts. Take those loose and gently pull the speaker out and unplug it.

Step 4: Prepare Wires

Take your wire cutters and cut the wire as close to the connecter as you can. Strip said wire and place in the butt end connector then crimp it down. Strip and crimp your new wire be sure not to put too much in so you don’t block the window when it’s down.

Step 5: Back Together

After that it’s time to wrap it up plug the speaker in and turn the radio on to make sure the speaker works then bolt back in and reinstall the door panel. The last step is also the most important make sure you please enjoy your new sound.