Installing Decorative Furniture Knobs

Introduction: Installing Decorative Furniture Knobs

In just a few minutes flat you can update the look of an older piece of furniture or even add your personal style to a newer piece. They make a quick do it yourself project, but can also be a fun project to do with the entire family! Keep reading below to see how you can install your new decorative door knobs.

Before you start: measure the thickness of your drawers. Most furniture knobs come with a screw so you will want to make sure it is long enough to fit through your dresser, drawer or cabinet before ordering.

The decorative furniture knobs are from Trinca-Ferro.

Step 1: Remove Old Knob

Unscrew and remove the knob that is already in the furniture you would like to redecorate.

Step 2: Place the New Knob

Place the screw of your new decorative door knob into the hole until the back plate or the back of the knob is flush against the door of your furniture.

The knob used is a red knob. It can be used on drawers, dressers, cupboards, or even as a hanger!

Step 3: Adding the Washer

Once the knob is in place, put the washer onto the screw on the inside of the furniture door and twist the nut onto the back end of the screw.

Step 4: Tighten the Screw

To get a nice, snug fit, use pliers to tighten the nut onto the screw even more. The back end of the screw may stick out a little. Feel free to leave it as is, or even cut it if it sticks out too far.

Step 5: Adjustments

Adjust and turn the knob on the outside of your drawer or door so that it sits just right.

Step 6: Job Complete

Stand back and enjoy the new look of your furniture!

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