Introduction: Installing Ice Melt Covers With EasyOn Gutter Guards

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I purchased EasyOn Gutter Guards from Costco and wondered what to do with the heating cable I already had installed inside my gutter (as shown in this photo). It turns out that the manufacturer has a companion product, Ice Melt Cover, for this purpose.

My project presented a challenge not covered by the Ice Melt Cover installation guide.

The heat cable comes up through the downspout, turns a corner, and then runs on top of the EasyOn Gutter guards.

Here's what I did...

Step 1: Ice Melt Cover Over EasyOn Gutter Guard

This was the simple part. as it is a standard installation.
Just need to put the heating cable on top of the installed gutter card, then put the Ice Melt Covers on top, and screw them on with the self-tapping screws.

Step 2: Corner

Here's the challenge.
In the corner, I wanted the heat cable to go under the EasyOn Gutter Guard so it could drop into the downspout around the bend.

I didn't want the heat cable to be abraded by the stainless steel EasyOn Gutter Guard mesh.

I wrapped the heat cable with a section of a bicycle tire tube and secured it with a cable tie right at the boundary between the two EasyOn Gutter Guard sections that meet at the corner.

Step 3: Heat Cable Turning the Corner

Here's how I routed the heating cable from above the EasyOn Gutter Guard on one gutter section, and below to the section around the corner.

Step 4: Finished Corner

Here's the corner with the IceMelt Covers installed over the heating cable.
The heating cable is not exposed to the elements and the bicycle tube protects it from abrasion as the cable moves during temperature changes and storms.

Step 5: It Works!

Here's a photo of the IceMelt cover in action, with snow on the roof from a storm a few days ago.

The snow is melting into the gutter and not dripping over the edge forming icicles.
Note that the heat tape extends across the width of the garage door; the rightmost section has no heat tape and
the snow is melting over the edge.