Introduction: Installing Link EX Groove Shaft

This guide will show you how to install your new Link EX Groove shaft for your arcade stick. This upgrade allows you to remove your stick quickly and easily for when you are traveling to competitions, moving, or going to a friends house for some games.


You will need your new Link EX Groove shaft which includes an Allen wrench tool, Shin etsu grease, Phillips head screw driver, and a small tool similar to a flat head or pick.

You may use a new balltop or battop and dust washer but you do not have to as you can reuse your stock tops.

Step 1: Adding the Top to the Link EX Groove

  1. Screw the top onto the shaft until it is tight.
  2. Look inside that shaft to see that there is a spot made for the included Allen wrench.
  3. Place the Allen wrench inside and hold the top while turning the Allen wrench clock wise to completely tighten the top so that it does not come loose while using it.

Step 2: Connecting the Shaft Together

  1. Pull up on the indention of the upper shaft and hold.
  2. Once fully pulled back insert the bottom shaft into the adapter with the cone shape first.
  3. Release the indention to secure the pieces together.

Tip: This is how you connect and disconnect the pieces once installed

Step 3: Opening the Arcade Stick

  1. Using the Phillips head screw driver, unscrew the screws along your case.
  2. Once all the screws have been removed flip the top panel upside down in order to see the inside components.

Caution: Be careful not to strip your screws when removing them. Use constant force when turning the screw driver

Typically there is 4-10 screws depending on your model. This example has eight, four in the front and four in the back.

Step 4: Removing the Stock Shaft

  1. Now that the internal components are exposed, remove the restriction gate by gently pressing the four tabs located on the left, right, top, and bottom of the sticks gate.
  2. Once that is removed then remove the micro-switch PCB which should easily come out.
  3. Grab the small flat head or pick tool. You may also use a fork if you do not happen to have these tools on hand.
  4. Remove the E-clip from the tip of the shaft while holding the actuator in place.
  5. Hold onto the stick while you remove the actuator, spring, and spring top hat.
  6. Now remove the stock shaft.

Caution: Once the e-clip is removed the actuator may project upwards due to the spring unless held in place.

Tip: The restriction gate can vary in color typically seen in clear, black, or white.

Step 5: Swapping the Pivot

  1. Slide the white pivot away from the ball or bat top to remove it from the stock shaft.
  2. Slide the pivot with the bowl facing away from the top onto the new Link EX Groove shaft.
  3. Apply the Shin Etsu grease onto the outer portion of the pivot.

Tip: The pivot may be on there snug so a little force is alright to use in removing it.

Step 6: Installing the New Shaft

  1. Place the stick back into the hole from the top of the case with the bottom of the shaft coming through the hole.
  2. While holding the stick in place, set the spring top hat onto the shaft with the wide circle portion making contact with the base of the stick body.
  3. Place the spring back into place on top of the top hat.
  4. Followed by the actuator with the larger portion going on first to conceal the spring.
  5. Now hold the actuator down as you reinstall the E-clip on the end of the shaft.
  6. Place the micro-switch PCB back onto the body of the stick with the black micro-switches facing towards you.
  7. Finally place the restriction gate back onto the micro-switches.
  8. Make sure everything is secure before moving onto the next step.

Tip: Placing the arcade stick in your lap to let your thighs keep the stick in place will allow you to use both of your hands during this process.

Step 7: Closing the Arcade Stick

  1. Flip the top of the arcade stick back onto the bottom portion.
  2. Begin screwing in the screws that you removed in the beginning to seal the case closed.
  3. Make sure everything is secured and that the stick is functional.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Link EX Groove Shaft!

  1. Everything is complete.
  2. Enjoy using your brand new setup and most importantly, have fun!