Installing Nest Thermostat

Introduction: Installing Nest Thermostat

Equipment Needed"

1. Nest Thermostat Display

2. Access to HVAC Power ON/OFF

3. Wire Stripper

4. Camera

At the conclusion of this tutorial you will be able to install wiring to your Nest Thermostat.

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Step 1: Mark Wires

CAUTION: Be mindful of possible high voltage. Please Shut off power to Heating and Cooling system prior to installation.

Now that you have removed your old Thermostat, your wires are now exposed. It is important to mark the wires so you know which system each wire operates (This will be important for the steps to come). You can do this by writing them down, taking a photo, or using identifying stickers.

Step 2: Check Wires to HVAC System

It is important to take time to ensure the wires that lead back to your HVAC system are in working condition. It can be assumed that if you are simply replacing an old thermostat, that your system is working properly. If you are replacing due to previous malfunctions it you may need to contact professional services. They will help to ensure all wires are intact, installed correctly, and are receiving power.

Step 3: Install Wires on Nest

Using The wires from you've previously marked, install them in the corresponding connections. Be sure that exposed wiring (Copper) are not touching as this can cause a short circuit or spark. Take note of the ends of the wires, make sure they are straight and not bent.

Step 4: Install Nest

Now that the wiring is connected, install your Nest Display to the wall mount. Be sure to line up the connectors to prevent damages. Press the Display until you hear a reasonable "Click". Apply power back to your system. Please view my Instructable on Booting up your system and connecting to Wifi.

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