Introduction: Installing Oblivion Reborn (Oblivion Multiplayer Mod)

A quick guide to the correct method of installing our mod.

Step 1: Download Required Files

To use our mod, you will need OBSE (version 14 or newer) and the Oblivion Reborn (referred to from now on as "OR") files. You will also need the latest version of Oblivion (1.2.0416) to use OR.

Here are links to the respective download pages:
OBSE version 16 (newest as of this writing) (1.5 Mb)

Oblivion Reborn version 0.6.10 (alpha) (157 kb)

If you do not have Oblivion version 1.2.0416, you can get it from the Official Elder Scrolls site here:
English Version (5.1Mb)
Other Languages See this page for patches in your language.

The rest of this instructable assumes that you are patched to version 1.2.0416.

Optionally, you may also download OR:Complete, a tool that helps you identify problems, configure OR, and check server status. You will find it here:
Oblivion Reborn: Complete (15 kb)

Step 2: Install OBSE

OBSE (Oblivion Script Extender) allows our mod to gather advanced information about your character. It also allows us to run special script commands vital to the successful operation of OR.

First, extract the Zip to a temporary folder.

Next, find your oblivion folder (Usually C:\Program Files\Bethesda Software\Oblivion) and keep it open so you can easily copy files to it.

Finally, find the following files (in the temporary folder) and copy them to your Oblivion folder:
(all 5 dll's and 1 exe)

Note: You do not need any of the other files, just these dll's and the exe.

OBSE is now installed. Whenever you want to use a mod that requires OBSE (such as ours), you must start Oblivion through the "obse_loader.exe"! Failure to do so will prevent such mods from working.

Keep your Oblivion folder open. You'll need it in the next step. You may close the OBSE folder if you wish.

Step 3: Install Oblivion Reborn

Extract to a temporary folder.

Copy all of the files (see image) into your Oblivion folder.

You will be notified that the "Data" folder already exists. Go ahead and click "Yes" to overwrite it. (Don't worry, this just adds files, you won't lose anything.)

Step 4: Enable the Mod

To enable OR, you need to insert your Oblivion CD and select "Data Files" from the menu (see image).
Then, check the box next to "OblivionReborn.esp" and click OK. (If you don't have your CD for some reason, you can also run the "OblivionLauncher.exe" in your Oblivion folder.)

Now you need to configure OR.

You have the option of manually configuring OR through several config files, or downloading a small tool that provides a graphical way to configure OR. (this tool also has many useful diagnostic features)

To configure manually, see step 5.
To configure with Oblivion Reborn: Complete, skip to step 6.

Step 5: Manual Configuration

Manual configuration can be very confusing. It is only recommended if you are knowledgeable of TCP/IP and basic Server-Client concepts. The alternative to Manual Configuration is OR:Complete (see next step).

To configure OR manually, there are two files you need to edit.

The first file, named "realmlist.wth" tells OR the address of the server you want to connect to. (you must be connected to a server with players on it to see other players)

Here is a sample realmlist file:

1 42427

Here is how the realmlist file works. The first line, "1", tells OR how many servers are in the realmlist file. This should always be "1". The second line, " 42427" tells OR the IP address and port of the server you want to connect to. Please note that there is no colon ":" between the IP and port, just a space. Also, please note that you can only enter IP addresses in the realmlist file, entering URL's or NetBios names will cause problems.

If you are hosting the server on the same machine, you can set the IP address to (this is a loopback address that refers to your machine).

The second file you need to edit is playername.txt. As the name suggests, this tells OR your character's name. (Unfortunately, it is extremely complicated to try and get name information from Oblivion or OBSE, so this file method was chosen). To change your name, simply edit this file. Note that the limit is 32 characters, and the file should only contain 1 line.

That's it for manual configuration. If you don't want to learn about OR:Complete, go ahead and skip to step 6.

Step 6: Configuration Through OR:Complete

OR:Complete is a simple tool that is used to diagnose setup problems, check server status, and configure OR.

To use OR:C, you need to download it:
OR: Complete (15kb)

Now, extract the zip to a temporary folder, and copy all 3 files to your Oblivion folder. (Aren't you glad you kept it open?)

To use OR:C, simply run the "OR_Complete.exe". (Vista users should run OR:C as an administrator.)

Upon execution, OR:C runs a very fast diagnostic, and if everything is good, it quickly changes to the server status screen. If there is a problem, it will remain on the diagnostic screen so that you can see what the problem is.

Our users have reported many errors in the way that OR:C checks for problems. Unfortunately, it is not very easy to anticipate every kind of installation problem, so OR:C makes a lot of assumptions, and it certainly isn't perfect. You can find more information about an error OR:C finds on our forums at

OR:C makes it very easy to find servers to connect to. By default, you should see two server addresses in the list, "" and "localhost". The first address is my server, but it is unreliable. I wouldn't suggest using it. The second address is your own computer. I recommend hosting your own server. (Simply run the OblivionReborn_Server.exe that you copied in Step 3).

To test OR, you and a friend should connect your computers on a LAN, one of you should host a server, and the other should add your friend's server to the list in OR:C by entering either the name of the computer running the server, or its IP address.

To connect to a server, simply select it from the list and click the "Connect" button. OR:C will automatically configure OR for you, and run the obse_loader.exe.

Step 7: Playing OR

To play Oblivion Reborn, you need to load a saved game, and fast-travel to the Imperial Palace. Once there, you should find a new NPC named "Lord Drakus" just outside the entrance to the palace (see image). If you don't, make sure you enabled "OblivionReborn.esp" in Step 4.
Talk Lord Drakus to try to connect to the server. If he won't talk to you, make sure you ran the game through OR:Complete, or the obse_loader.exe.
If you use the origional Oblivion.exe or any other method of running Oblivion (CD, other mods, etc) OR will not work.

Once you talk to him, you should see one of two messages: "OR could not connect to the server", or "Successfully Connected" (I can't remember the exact words).

If you're having trouble connecting, go back to OR:Complete and look at the status of the server. "Offline" and "WS Error" aren't good things. Check that the address you entered into OR:C is typed correctly and that the target computer is running the server (a little black window). You can also use the debug text in the server screen to get a better idea of what's going on.

Also, make sure that any firewalls are allowing the connection. Once again, it uses port 42427 on the TCP protocol.

For more detailed information, please check our forums at

The current features are chat, map markers on the players, some console commands, and syncing Players' Animations and Positions.

To chat, open the console, and type MPChat all "My message". (The console is opened with the "~" key, and must be enabled in the controls menu.)