Installing RAM in a Laptop

Introduction: Installing RAM in a Laptop

You can install RAM in your laptop by following these 5 steps! BEFORE you do this however, check to make sure that the new RAM you are installing is compatible with your make and model of laptop!! This is very important because possible damage could result from non-compatible RAM. The link below will bring you to a website that can help you figure out what kind of RAM you should purchase.

Note: the laptop used in these instructions is a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540

Step 1: Turn Off Laptop and Remove Battery

You may need a screwdriver for this part.

WARNING: if your computer is on while doing this installation, you could potentially damage your computer.

Step 2: Open the Laptop Casing Using a Small Screwdriver

Hint: RAM is typically stored in the inner casing at the bottom of the laptop

Step 3: Remove Old RAM

  • To do this, first pop both metal hinges on the sides to get the chips to release (This will need to be done with a small screwdriver or knife).
  • Carefully push down on the top RAM chip until it pops up at a slight angle.
  • Finally, gently pull the top chip out. Repeat these exact steps for the bottom chip.

WARNING: Be cautious when pulling out the old RAM to not damage the slots that they are placed in.

Step 4: Inserting New RAM

Push the new RAM memory down carefully into the RAM slots. It will sit at a slight angle. Then push down on the chip until it it clicks (this means it is locked in place). The bottom chip goes in first, then the top.

Step 5: Screw Laptop Casing Back On

OPTIONAL: Turn laptop back on. Go to Windows settings and click "About" to check installed RAM.

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