Introduction: Installing Screen Protector on a Smartphone

Have you ever had any problem while installing a glass screen protector on your smartphone? Are you looking an easiest way to install screen protectors? Screen protectors protect our phone screen from scratches and cracks while we drop our phones. With the help of my instructable graphics, you can now place the screen protector without getting any bubbles on screen. As many people seem to forget a few steps while installing it and get bubbles on the screen. This occurs due to carelessness and lack of practice. I have adopted a few steps to install the protector and made it easier to understand for viewers.

*Warning: Be careful while using the wet alcohol pad which can cause physical harm due to close contact with it.

Materials Required:

- A new glass screen protector (depending on your phone’s screen)

- Wet alcohol pads and dry microfibril cloth

Step 1: Screen Recognition and Purchasing Tools

Firstly, we should know the model of our smartphone and buy a new screen protector that fits on the phone screen.

Step 2: Screen Cleaning and Drying

After recognizing one's phone screen, we clean the phone screen with wet alcohol pads as shown in the figure below. We should wipe it all over the screen to remove dust and dirt and avoid bubbles. Moreover, we have to dry the wet phone screen with microfibril cloth and make it ready for installation.

Step 3: Perfectly Fitting the Protector and Bubble Removal

Then place the glass protector that is perfectly aligned with screen size. Now, slowly push the bubbles towards the screen edge, starting from the phone’s bottom. Lastly, make sure you push the remaining bubbles toward the edge and wipe the screen again to finalize the installation.

Step 4: Conclusion

After this process, you will be able to install the glass screen protector in the right way.

I hope everyone will learn the proper way of installing the glass screen protector through this instructable. It is difficult but not impossible. I encourage you to try by yourself by following the instruction and provide useful feedback for future purposes.