Introduction: Installing Stepper Motor Vibration Dampers on the Creality CR10

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Ever since I’ve installed the bltouch, auto-bed leveling sensor, my prints have been very smooth, I’ve documented the process in this instructable so if you are interested in that upgrade I highly recommend you read that instructable for step by step instructions.

If the printer was working fine, I printed more parts and I started to notice the motor noise more and more. My printer particularly makes an awful sound when the X axis moves at a higher rate.

I decided to just go ahead and install these dampers on the X and Y axis motors. They feature two metallic parts and a compliant rubber part in the middle that connects the outer two. I wonder how they get the this rubber to stick to the metal and prevent it from coming off.

Step 1: Watch the Tutorial Video!

The video describes the entire process of mounting the dampers on the Nema17 motors so I recommend watching the video first to get an overview of the process. Then you can come back and read the following steps for more detailed explanation.

Step 2: Order the Parts Needed

The first thing you will need is a set of these Nema17 vibration dampers and I'm placing several links below to places where you can order it. You will also be needing a couple of M3 screws and some tools for working on the CR10 3D printer but you should have those tools as they were included in the initial delivery of the printer.

Step 3: Install Y Axis Damper

For the actual install, I started with the Y axis, first I loosened the screws at the opposite side of the motor to loosen the belt so I can work on the motor without the belt being stretched. Then I unscrewed the motor and set it aside. Take a closer look at the damper, you will see it has two holes without a tap, and two holes which are tapped. The side with the non-tapped holes has to go on the motor, because the screw holes are tapped on the motor itself. Use two of the screws that were originally holding the motor to secure the damper to the motor.

Step 4: Install X Axis Damper

Now moving on to the X axis motor, same as before start by loosening the screws at the opposite side of the motor to remove the tension from the belt. Then switch to the x axis motor side and unplug the motor cable. Continue by removing these 4 screws that hold the end switch plate. Same as before, unscrew the two grub screws holding the geared wheel, we will need to adjust this later. For attaching the damper on the x axis motor you will need to provide 2pcs M3 screws as the kit doesn’t include these. I use something I had around, M3 by 7.4mm long. Don’t use anything longer than this as the thread on the motor house is limited. There is a link in step 3 with the proper M3 by 7mm screws so you can order them together with the dampers.

Step 5: Re-tension the Belts

The final step is to check the alignment and re-tension the belts. If needed make adjustments to the pulleys so that the belt runs smooth and doesn't rub on any surfaces. The video will show the adjustments I did on my printer.

Step 6: End Results

The overall motor noise has been reduced considerably after installing the dampers. This becomes clear when you print something, every motor noise that I used to hear has toned down. Since they are so inexpensive and provide a real improvement I highly recommend this upgrade.

So, that was all, I hope this instructable was useful if so please leave a comment or hit the like or dislike button to send me some feedback.