Installing a Cabinet Fan Controller.




Introduction: Installing a Cabinet Fan Controller.

I needed to replace the controller in my remote io cabinet so I went ahead with this 12v programmable temperature relay. When the internal air temperature gets above 36C I want the vent fan to come on.

Read on for the installation of this WH9002A controller and fan.

Step 1: The Vent Fan.

This 80mm brushless pc fan I secured onto the cabinet lid.

Step 2: Placing the Controller.

Using double sided tape I stuck the controller on the inside of the lid.

Step 3: Placing the Sensor.

The sensor I placed at the top of the lid to measure the hottest temperature.

Step 4: Wiring the Fan.

The positive wire of the fan I connected to the NO contact of the controller relay. The common I wired to the 12v supply terminal.

Step 5: Power Supply.

Using an existing terminal block for 12v electronics, I tapped off for the fan controller.

Step 6: Programming.

The HS is 33C. The D is 3C. Delay and timer are both 0. HC is set to C.

Step 7: Completion!

The fan controller is now operational. I tested the functionality with a hot spoon placed in boiling water. At 36C the fan is on and at 33C it goes off. Perfect!

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    4 years ago

    Do you have any hysteresis programmed into the unit? What that does is turn on when the temp gets to your preset valve, but then cools down below the turn on level so there isn't a constant on off cycle going continuously. Usually a 5 or so degree is sufficient to stop any cycling tendencies. Thumbs Up!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, I have a value of 3C.