Installing a Power Commander V on a Yamaha FZ8




Introduction: Installing a Power Commander V on a Yamaha FZ8

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About a month ago, I installed a Yoshimura R77-D slip on pipe for my bike. After installing it, I heard how great my bike sounded but realized that its performance is not being utilized. I decided to pick up a Power Commander V from Dynojet. This unit lets you gain control over fuel delivery and timing curves all in one easy to install unit. I will be taking my bike to the local dyno shop to see what gains in HP and torque my upgrades have given me. Typically, one should take their bike to a dyno when their bike is stock and going back each time a new performance upgrade is installed just to see your gains. This instructable will show you how to install a Power Commander V on your Fz8.

~All this was done at Techshop San Jose.

Step 1: Removing the Passenger and Rider Seat.

The passenger seat can be removed by using the key on the right side of the bike. Turn the key in the clockwise position and hold it while pulling the passenger seat back. The rider seat has 2 bolts towards the rear. Use an allen key to remove the bolts.

Step 2: Installing PCV (Power Commander V)

Now that the seats are off, we can start our installation. Slide the PCV main box unit from under the main seat into the rear seat compartment. I found that this will not work if you did this the other ie. sliding the wires from the rear compartment into the main seat compartment. After that, use the supplied velcro and secure the PCV box in the rear compartment. Unfortunately, I had to take the stock tools that came with the bike off for the PCV box to fit comfortably. I didint want this expensive piece of gear to be bouncing around.

Step 3: Connecting Ground Wire

This step is pretty straight forward. Connect the supplied ground wire into your batteries negative lead.

Step 4: Remove Front Cowl

There are 2 screws on each side of the front cowl. Use an allen key to take these off. Once off, slide cowl forward and simply take off.

Step 5: Prop Gas Tank

Once the cowl is off, unscrew the two front screws, one on each side of the gas tank. I used a piece of wood to prop the tank up.

Step 6: Plugging in PCV Connectors

Once the tank has been propped. Find the 16 pin connector under the tank. Unplug connector and plug it in line with the PCV connectors. Watch out it gets really cramped. Also, Plug in the 02 optimizer inline to the stock 02 sensor.

Step 7: Put Everything Back Together.

Start with the fuel tank. Then re install the front cowl and the main seat.

Step 8: Plug and Play

Now just install the supplied Dyno jet software and plug PCV box to the laptop via USB. The Dynojet website has maps readily available for download for each specific bike. Unfortunately, they did not have my setup available which is Yoshimura R77-D and K&N filter. So I decided to take bike to my local dyno shop to make me a custom map. Enjoy your newly tuned ride!!!

Step 9:

Just in case anyone was wondering about what my dyno chart looks like after install, here it is. Thats a gain of 4.54 hp and 2.01 lbs of torque.

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    7 years ago

    Noticeably fast ? Not as much but way smoother. I had a custom map made.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i like how motorcycles are so modular when it comes to getting more horsepower and torque out of them. personally i don't ride, my dad says that out of all my siblings i'd be the least likely to get myself killed however i don't trust the other drivers out there not to do that for me.

    is the threat of crashing really a big concern, i mean beyond the obvious? or is it just rumors and whatnot? i know personally my sister would have a huge problem with me getting one, she witnessed a particularly bad motorcycle accident involving a semi truck and a bike...

    the bike looks fantastic though and all things considered it seems like it'd be beyond fun to get out and ride it!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    The day I was going to reply to this was the day I crashed. The bike was totaled and it was pretty bad. What was crazy is that I walked away with minor injuries despite the bike flipping over and landing on me. But whats even crazier is the fact that I picked up another just like it a 2012 model.

    Yes the threat of crashing is always there. In this instance, it was my fault and no one elses. You just have to be aware and cautious.

    People that don't ride have asked me "why another bike?"

    While the people that do ride have asked me "when are you getting another bike?"

    The point Im trying to make here is yes it is dangerous. But is it worth it? Hell yes. The enjoyment you get in return is 10 fold.

    If you do decide to ride, just ride sane and safe. :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    @jumb5150 Sweet ride mang...I have the same bike and love riding it any chance I can... Was wondering if you could upload a video of the sound of your new pipe so I can hear it. I am trying to decide which pipe to get. Also I have heard that it takes out the lull in power from 5-6k rpm


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well thx. I appreciate the fact that you've enjoyed this instructable and Im glad you like the bike too ;-)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome demonstration and step by step instructions!!!! Sexy bike and Im sure the rider is as well. ;-)