Introduction: Install Your European Plate Into a Mounting Frame.


Here are some basic instructions to install your european license plate into a mounting frame. The frame we are writing about is from so be sure the mounting frame is the same. They have one of the largest selections of frames available.

No tools are needed to install the euro plate into the frame. Mounting the frame to the car will be covered in other instructions.

Thank you Europeanplates for the blank european license plate.

Step 1: Getting Started

Confirm your plate is around the same size as your frame. Most european 520mm x 114mm but there are certain export plates that are shorter.

Step 2:

We now need to open up the mounting frame. This is done by pulling down allowing a small gap of 1/8" and then up to release each side of the frame (See Image)

Step 3:

Now we need to place the European License plate int the mounting frame. Most all European plates will fit. (See Image)

Step 4: Installing Plate

We need to slide it up intp the frame. This will secure the frame as well as center it into the frame. (See Image)

Step 5: Your Done!!!

Now snap the frame back around the plate by reversing the 2nd steps. Be careful.

Step 6:

The plate is now secure in it frame. You are done!!!! Good Job!!!

Thank you again