Introduction: Instamorph

InstaMorph: Mold-able Plastic

Step 1: Package

First, you'll need to have the InstaMorph package, containing the beads that will become the mold-able plastic.

Step 2: Boiling

Dump the whole package into boiling water (specific instructions on package) and boil until all beads turn clear. Take out of water and place on a plastic plate or board, wait a minute to have it cool down.

Step 3: Playing Around

After cooled for a little, knead the plastic, then start messing around. Just building small knick-knacks helps you get used to how it works, feels, etc.

Step 4: Sculpting

Begin making a usual tool, or a fun toy to use at home. I suggest having an idea in mind before starting, that way the plastic doesn't harden before you're done.

Step 5: Reboiling

If the plastic begins to harden before done sculpting, just put back in boiling water. You can either dunk the whole chunk of InstaMorph, or just certain parts as shown in the second picture.

Step 6: Final Touches

After you've finished making your desired product, I suggest dipping it quickly in the water so that you can smooth it and make the creases less noticeable. This way you can also make simple adjustment if needed, such as angle adjustment, flattening fixes, or making something thicker or thinner.

Step 7: Finished Product

After finished making adjustments and making it as desired, all you have to do is wait for it to dry completely. My finished product is a phone stand, but after finishing this project I'd do better finishing touches to make it look better.

Step 8: Left-Overs

Since my phone stand didn't take up much InstaMorph at all, I reboiled the rest, making it so the plastic was mold-able yet again. This process only takes seconds. It will take longer if in a ball because the water won't heat up the middle of the ball, so try to have the plastic be as flat as you can before reboiling.

Step 9: Wiring

After seeing a slug my teacher made that lights up, I wanted to make one because it looked super cool and used up the rest of my InstaMorph. While my InstaMorph was reboiling (took forever because it was in a ball) I wired two LEDs, a battery adapter, and a resistor with the help of Mr. Hampton. This piece will make the eyes appear to be glowing red.

Step 10: Wraping

After the wire is complete, make the InstaMorph into an oblong shape (shown in picture) and put the wire on top of the warm plastic. Then, wrap the plastic on the side around the wire. Form an almost circular shape, but not quite. Make the LEDs into the eyes, by forming little nub like things on the top of the slug with the LEDs in them (shown in next step).

*This step has to be done fairly quickly to prevent it from hardening.

Step 11: Finished Product:Slug

This is roughly what the slug should look like. I was rushed when making this, so it didn't turn out the best. Although, it does look extremely cool in the dark, and is easy to make. Overall this project was super fun and probably my favorite. I'd definitely look in to getting some more of this to just play around with.