Instamorph - Hand Brace

Introduction: Instamorph - Hand Brace

This is a simple tutorial on how to create a rudimentary hand/thumb brace for any issues you can run into while working or playing sports. (You can learn about and purchase Instamorph at

Step 1: Supplies and Starting

First, you will need a package of the Instamorph plastic (I used about one half to two thirds of a 16oz package), a Hand Drill (and maybe a scroll saw), a pan, stove, water, a rolling pin, a spatula, something to work on (like a cutting board), and finally some Velcro. To start, simply open the Instamorph and put it in a pot of boiling water for around two minutes (or until fairly soft).

Step 2: Molding

The next step is to mold the plastic to fit your hand. The amazing thing about Instmorph is that you can continually remold the plastic to fit any hand or even to create anything you want. I started by working it out with my hands and also ended up using a rolling pin to flatten it out. Then I wrapped it around my hand and pinched together around my thumb, and then let it harden and dry around my hand. It also only stuck to itself, and not my hand, so it will not attach to your palm and rip it apart when you take it off. (If at any point it becomes uncomfortable and too hard to remold, just remove it and dunk it back in the boiling water for a few seconds. Then it should be workable again)

Step 3: Velcro Strap

Once you feel the brace is hardened enough, you can start on the two strap slots for the Velcro. I started with the first one by drilling two holes (the width of the Velcro strap apart) and cut between them with a scroll saw. The problem with the scroll saw was that while it cut great, it also heated up and melted the plastic a bit. This made cutting easier, but as I took the blade out and removed the brace from the scroll saw, the plastic stuck back together. I got it out by reheating it and poking it out with a screwdriver. The second slot I made by drilling holes all width of the Velcro, then heating it up and removing any of the little bits left over. The first slot was nicer, but took a lot longer and was more trouble than the second slot. They both came out fine and worked great, and I threaded the Velcro through, fitted it to my hand and cut the strap.

Step 4: And That's It

There you go, the brace is done! You can always warm it up until the plastic is moldable, but not all the way, and resize it to fit any hand.

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    7 years ago

    When it goes from clear to solid color, is that because you've added more layers or a result of cooling??


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It is a result of the plastic cooling down, more layers would be pretty thick depending on how much you flattened it out.