Instamorph-Wearable Phone Holder

Introduction: Instamorph-Wearable Phone Holder

Don't have enough money to buy the new Apple Watch well then, introducing the all new Wearable Phone Holder.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need in order to build this would be:

  • Instamorph (You can get some at this link:
  • Phone to mold Instamorph around

Step 2: Heating Up the Water for the Instamorph

Once, you have gathered all the materials (which shouldn't be too hard) you can start! To start you will need to grab your packet of Instamorph, a pan, stove, water, a rolling pin, a spatula, and something to work on that you don't mind getting dirty. Then simply open the Instamorph packet and pour it into a pot of boiling water (150°F or 60 to 70°C). I would recommend having the water boiling before you put in the Instamorph. Once you have poured the Instamorph inside the pot of boiling water then just set a timer for just over 2 minutes and wait to get out your Instamorph.

WARNING: Have something to put the Instamorph on once you are ready to take it out of the boiling water, because the Instamorph is really hot. (Learned that the hard way. ;)

Step 3: Molding the Wrist Part

The next step is to mold the plastic to fit your phone in a watch-looking way. Don't worry about screwing up, because if you do, you can just put the Instamorph back in the boiling water and just remold it once you are done boiling it. For molding the wrist part I would flatten out some of the Instamorph with a rolling pin so it looks like what is shown in the pictures. Then just wrap it around your wrist and attach the two sides. Make sure you don't make it super tight other wise you might not be able to get it off . . . or on. ;)

Step 4: Molding the Plastic to Fit Your Phone

Now, we are close to finishing the build but there is one more step. We need to make the sides of the phone fit into the mold able plastic. We need to make grips to fit the phone as shown in the pictures that I have provided. It is pretty self explanatory from there just mold the plastic to the sides of your phone. Once you are done molding the grips just attach that to the wrist piece.

Step 5: And That's About It

There you go you have your own wearable phone holder and you didn't need to spend 300+ dollars on some sort of smart watch. You can always warm up the plastic to make it mold able again since it does harden after a while, and then you can re-size it to fit whatever phone you have!

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    Thank you so much!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! Very clever!

    That instamorph stuff looks incredibly useful. Thanks for sharing this!