Introduction: Instamorph Pistol Holster

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Warning: As with any project dealing with firearms insure that the firearm is unloaded by visually inspecting the magazine and chamber.

An Instructable on how to make a holster for your pistol out of instamorph. Instamorph is a low temperature moldable plastic. At 140 degrees it becomes clear and very soft and moldable like silly putty. Once it has cooled back to room temperature it turns to hard plastic. Due to the low working temperature of instamorph this is not meant to be an everyday carry or heavy duty holster. I made this one for my daughters SR22 .22lr pistol. Just something for me/her at the range.

Step 1: Supplies I Used

boiling water
aluminum foil
rubber backed vinyl flooring
SR22 .22LR pistol

Step 2: Getting Started

I started by boiling the pot of water. While waiting for the water to boil I wrapped the pistol in aluminum foil, as instamorph has a bad habit of sticking to other plastics did not want to take the chance of it sticking to the frame.

Step 3: Molding the Instamorph Around the Gun

Once the water is boiling pour the instamorph into the pot. After the Instamorph becomes clear carefully remove it using a metal utensil. It will be very hot. Carefully roll it into a flat sheet and lay back in the water to reheat. After a few more minutes remove from the boiling water and lay over the aluminum wrapped pistol. Help it to form around the gun but not too tightly or any protruding edges will prevent the firearm from being removed at all once the backing has been added. Once it has been molded around the firearm it will start to turn white as it cools. you can speed this along by putting it in the refrigerator or freezer.I would recommend removing the firearm before placing any of those areas to prevent moisture accumulation.

Step 4: Insuring Fit

Hold the mold against a flat surface and try to remove the gun. pay attention for any areas where it catches if it gets caught, dip that part of the mold back into the boiling water. once it has started turning back clear remove and make adjustments. Your goal is to have enough retention to prevent accidentally falling out but not too much as to prevent you from drawing the firearm.

Step 5: Attaching to Vinyl Baking and Cutting to Shape

Cut a piece of the rubber backed vinyl flooring of the size needed. Align the instamorph mold on the piece of vinyl and clamp if needed. Drill holes large enough to accommodate rivets. Once the holes have been drilled insert the rivet and washer, lock on rivet repeat process for all holes. Now that the imstamorph mold has been attached to the backing again test for fit. If there are issues now, it can be fixed with a heat gun. now that it has been checked for fit you can cut to final shape.

Step 6: Almost Finished

now that fit has been insured and the holster has been cut to shape the last thing to do would be to add belt clips. I have a few steps on the order they just have not arrived yet and if I don't post this instructable now while doing it I never will. lol
Thank you, I hope you enjoyed or even better I hope it helped you!