Introduction: Instant Cozy Kimono Robe Made From Blanket

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You won't believe how easy it is to make one of these.
It's also super comfy and cozy.
You'll want to make all your blankets and comforters into kimono robes.

My family were given a couple of fuzzy warm kimono robes like this when we lived in Japan.
I wanted to make one ever since then and it turned out to be really easy.
I've made a bunch of them since then. It's one of my favorite sewing projects.
People really like these robes.

Danielle and little Rhett hang out in cozy comfort. Steve Cooke models the same deluxe model with monkish hood down, prior to adding the holstein/ermine trim.

Step 1: Make Three Cuts in the Blanket

Make the cuts as shown in the diagram.

If you're going to add a hood and don't want a seam against the back of your neck you can leave the triangular tab as shown in the photo. Otherwise cut it off as seen in the drawing.

Step 2: Fold It

Fold on these creases.
Now it'll look like it does in the photo.

Step 3: Sewing

If your sewing machine has trouble with the material get a thinner blanket or sew it by hand.
Use really big stitches if you sew it by hand so it's not so much work.

Don't sew under the armpits. Leave a gap there. Kimonos are like that and so are the robes made by the plains indians. Visit your local museum to see examples.

Get as carried away with details as you want.
Add a big hood, furry lapels, belts, double-breasted with monkey skulls and sand dollars for buttons, etc. etc.

There's not much left over. Here are the scraps after making this robe, which ended up having a belt and hood made from the same material.
This is an amazingly efficient use of cloth.

Step 4: The Hood

Cut two pieces like this and sew them onto the kimono to make a hood.
Or cut a bigger piece and fold it over to look like this and save some sewing.
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