Introduction: Instant Easy Soda Can Jewelry

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           Have some soda cans laying around the house, some scissors, string, and a couple of nails? You can make instant jewelry for you and your friends with a few simple tools. This is a great last minute party trick to impress friends and have fun in the process.

You will need:

Empty Soda Cans



Instructable Courtesy of Acorn to Oak Handmade Team Secretary: Nick Wentworth

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

         Grab your recycling and wash out the cans. Let them dry while you make cute bunny ears. Pull out a couple pair of scissors, a few nails, and maybe hammer. Optionally if you're the paint kinda gal or guy you can use acrylic paint to finish any of your jewelry.

Step 2: Pierce a Can

Take your scissors and stab into the can. You can wear gloves at this point, but we found we didn't need to. You should stab at one side or the other. We prefer the top as shown here.

Step 3: Cut Off the Top of the Can

         Work your scissors around the can cutting off as you go. This should take a few seconds. Don't worry if there's left- over  soda in the can, wash it off and dry it with paper towels.

Step 4: Repeat

            Cut off the other side of the can.

Step 5: Cut Flat

     If you cut from one end to the other, you suddenly have a flat sheet of metal to work with. The whole can liked to curl so we cut ours into thirds to work with.

Step 6: Start Cutting Your Metal

    Pick up your scissors and start carving away. You can do any basic shape you want. We tried Christmas trees, cats, fascinator hats. Soda can metal is easy to work with.

Step 7: Point, Curl, and Shape Your Metal

           Shape your metal any way you want. A couple of the guys used nails and a hammer. You can just punch a hole with any nail through the metal to make your design.

Step 8: Make Your Necklace

      Cut A Piece of Ribbon and Voila! Instant Necklace.

Step 9: Create Other Designs

            Originally we were planning to only make jewelry, but any time you throw a lot of people in the mix, you get lots more creativity. Here's some of the things we made. What will you create?

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