Introduction: Instant Land Windsurfer

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Drill a hole in the front of your beach skateboard.
Bolt the gooseneck universal joint a.k.a. mast step of your winsurfer rig there.
A shortboard mast step is perfect for that.
Go sailing in the nearest parking lot or hard beach.

A regular skateboard works too, but you'll go way too fast for a normal short board and it'll vibrate.
A longboard is better.
This rig is good wind insurance to carry along with you.
Not enough wind to sail on the water is enough to go terrifyingly fast on land.

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WARNING: wear more pads than the idiot in the picture.
This gizmo isn't just dangerous. It's guaranteed to fling you at the pavement really fast.
Wear every form of armor, padding, and safety equipment you can find.
Wiping out on pavement with one of these rigs is as bad as motorcycling.
I wiped out in my wetsuit once and didn't get hurt, except my wetsuit somehow got turned around.
For the next few weeks I was finding new injuries.
The wetsuit spared my skin, but my bones got all bashed up.