Introduction: Instant Noodles Omelette

This dish is an amalgamation of two already popular dishes: Instant Noodles and Indian Omelette (also known as Masala Omelette).

Essentially, Instant Noodles Omelette is a masala omelette that includes an additional ingredient: cooked instant noodles.

Once you have the ingredients, the cooking time is 10-15 minutes because it requires you to cook the instant noodles first and then use the cooked noodles in this recipe.

The end result, Instant Noodles Omelette is seen here on the plate with some tomato ketchup and toasted bread slices, ready to be devoured.

Step 1: Ingredients

For the Instant Noodles Omelette you need the following stuff:
  • Ingredients (shown in the picture below, except salt and oil):
  1. A packet of your favorite instant Noodles. I am using Maggi masala noodles here which is very popular in India. 
  2. Couple of eggs.
  3. A small tomato. You will only need a small piece of the tomato.
  4. Half of a medium sized onion.
  5. A jalapeno (Green chilli pepper). Skip this if you do not like your food spicy and hot.
  6. A few twigs of coriander (also called parsley or cilantro).
  7. Salt.
  8. A teaspoon of your favorite cooking oil (I used Olive oil).
  • Tools:
  1. A frying pan or skillet for the Omelette.
  2. A cooking pan for cooking the instant Noodles.
  3. A Spatula!
  4. Bowls, spoons, fork, serving plates etc. etc..

Step 2: Preparation

1. Chop the onion, tomato, coriander leaves and the jalapeno pepper.
2. Break the eggs into a bowl.
3. Mix the chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves and jalapeno pepper and whisk briskly.
4. Add salt to taste and whisk the mix again.

Put the above mixture aside while you cook the instant noodles first.

Step 3: Cook Instant Noodle

Cook your brand of Instant Noodles as per the instructions on the noodles packet. Maggi noodles require you to cook for about 3-5 minutes or till all the water in the pan reduces. For this recipe, I broke the raw noodles in smaller pieces before cooking them. Also, I will cook the noodles enough so that very little 'soup' remains. We don't want too much soup for the Omelette.

Step 4: Mix Instant Noodle in the Omelette Mix

Once the noodles are cooked, transfer them onto  plate and let them cool a bit. Now take about a third of those noodles. and add to the bowl with the Omelette mix. Whisk this again to make it all uniform.

Now you are ready to cook this mix on a skillet.

Step 5: Cook the Omelette

Put the skillet on your cooking range/heater/gas stove. and preheat it. Next up, add a teaspoon of your favourite cooking oil and let the oil spread evenly on the pan. If you are not conscious about the amount of oil,  then you can add a few more teaspoons. Once the oil starts to fume, add the instant noodles and Omelette mix onto the pan and spread evenly, using a spatula. Experienced cooks just shake the pan vigorously to achieve the even spread of the mix.

Cook for about a minute and then get ready to flip the Omelette over.

Step 6: Flip the Omelette Over...

One can't teach how to flip an Omelette. It comes by practice and watching an experienced cook do it. The trick is to flip over without breaking the semi-cooked Omelette, in one swift action. If the Omelette isn't cooked enough on one side, it will break. Test the firmness of the omelette with your spatula before you attempt to flip it.

Once you flip the Omelette over, cook again for a minute or two. Then fold over and transfer to a plate. Ready to eat.

Step 7: Serve. And. Eat!

I like my Omelette with a couple of toasted bread slices and with some tomato ketchup. As you see here.

This one turned out to be quite nice and I enjoyed eating it with a cup of hot tea.

Let me know how good your Instant Noodles Omelette turned out to be!

Bon Apetit!


A lot of people ask me how does this dish taste like? Well, a regular Omelette has a soft rubbery feel but this Instant Noodles Omelette has a pancake sort of feel. As far as taste goes, it tastes awesome!

Next up is Guru Gadre's very own Omelette Paratha.. i.e. a Paratha with an Omelette filling... mmmmm keep your eyes open.. better still? Follow me!!

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