Introduction: Instant Ramen Wallet

Are you still searching for a wallet that will perfectly fit you and that you can show in front of your friends? How about making your own wallet by following a few simple steps and using just ramen packaging and duct tape? I will show you how I made my own instant ramen wallet.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Just go to the grocery store and you can find these items.

You will need:

  1. 2 cups of instant ramen (I used Maruchan Ramen because it's the best). The outer package will be used to make the wallet.
  2. 1 roll of duct tape. I used clear duct tape so the ramen packaging is visible.
  3. Scissors (or something that cuts duct tape).

Step 2: Prepare the Body of the Wallet

In this step, you'll be removing the packaging from the ramen cup and cutting it so it can be used as the body pieces of the wallet.

  1. Carefully remove the cup of ramen from the package of the ramen by gently pushing the ramen cup out.
  2. Set aside the ramen (preferably out of sight), so it doesn't cause a distraction.
  3. Disconnect the bottom flaps of the package by pulling them gently. If the flaps rip a little, it's okay.
  4. Tear or cut off the nutrition facts following the fold. Do not throw away the nutrition facts because you will be using them later!
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second ramen noodle package.

Step 3: Connect the Body Pieces

You'll now be connecting the two body pieces which have the pictures of ramen on it.

  1. Align the body pieces side-by-side facing opposite directions. Make sure that the flaps don't overlap with the body pieces. Also, leave a small gap between the two pieces so it can be folded together easily.
  2. Using duct tape, tape together the sides of the body pieces across the entire side where it overlaps.
  3. Flip the pieces over and tape the sides again.

Step 4: Reinforce the Body Pieces

This step is necessary if you want to make your wallet sturdy and waterproof.

  1. Put duct tape adjacent and parallel to the piece of tape you used in step 3. Try your best to not leave gaps and follow the piece of tape connecting the two pieces.
  2. Repeat the previous step for the backside (or other side).
  3. Tape the flaps down to the insides of the body pieces. Placing one piece of tape vertically seems to work the best here.
  4. The edges aren't taped yet, so put pieces of tape for the both of the edges and bend the tape to the other side of the body piece.

Step 5: Fold the Wallet Together

The wallet can't hold your precious cash yet, so let's tape, tape, tape!

  1. Fold the body pieces together nice and tight.
  2. Put tape vertically on the two conjoining ends of the body pieces.
  3. Fold the wallet in half so it closes. The wallet may have trouble collapsing, so you can put something heavy on it, like a dictionary.

Step 6: Make the Cardholders

Hey, you want to be able to hold your credit cards, right? The cardholders also decorate the panels of the wallet with nutrition facts as a bonus! You'll need to grab the nutrition facts label that you cut off in step 2.

  1. Tear off the flaps from the nutrition label which has the barcode.
  2. Fold the label piece in half along the boarder of the nutrition facts. Then cut the pieces.
  3. Put one label piece about 2.5 cm above the bottom of the wallet. This label piece may be too long, so trim it to fit inside the panel of the wallet when you fold the wallet.
  4. Tape the bottom of the label piece so it connects to the wallet.
  5. Put a small piece of tape vertically on the outer edge of the cardholder. Don't tape the inner edge of the cardholder because it may make it difficult to fold the wallet up.
  6. To add another card holder on top, flip the wallet over and position the second label piece below the wallet. There should be a small gap so the cardholder can be taped and folded on top of the previous cardholder. Finally, tape the outer edge of the cardholder so it can hold a card.
  7. If you want additional cardholders, repeat the steps above with the other nutrition label.

Step 7: Cook Ramen

Enjoy that ramen you've been waiting all this time to eat, and now your wallet is done!