Introduction: Instructaball Pocket Sized Game

I wanted to make an easy to make, easy to play game that other kids would be able to make. I made this version of it as a travel size, but you can make it a bigger size if you want.  I got a broken jewelry box at Michaels for a dollar, but you can just make one if you want. I took off the top of it. Also I used small rubber bands and stretched them all the way across two inches from the end of the of the jewelry box

Tools: a wooden box about 8inches long 5inches wide, 10,1/4 x 20 nuts, two rubber bands, one piece of MDF, a wooden dowel rod, drill, scroll saw, felt pads, wood glue, fine grit sand paper, black spray paint, orange paint, yellow paint. an xacto knife.

Step 1: Design

Design the court on a piece of paper.

Step 2: The Court

I got a broken jewelry box, but you can make one your own, the box should be about 8inches long 5 inches wide. Sand the inside of the box so that the surface is as smooth as possible, also sand the outside.

Step 3: The Divider

I drew a line in the middle of the box so I would know were to put the MDF divider. then I measured the width of the box, so that I could cut the width of the MDF. Then I measure the height of the box so that I could cut it to size. Next I drew a line in the middle of a piece of MDF, then I measured the size of the nut after that I drew the size of the nut onto the piece of MDF then I cut out the size of the nut with the scroll saw, after that we gave it a little bit of room so it wouldn’t get stuck in the hole. Then I sanded the piece of MDF.

Step 4: The Divider 2

After that I put a bead of glue on the sides and bottom of the MDF. Now I carefully placed the MDF in the middle of the box, making sure that is was right in the center. Then I put two pieces of MDF scrap on the top and bottom middle part of the box so I could clamp them down (I placed two pieces of MDF scrap between the box and the clamps, so that the box wouldn’t get ruined). After it dried I took the clamps off, I measured an inch from each end and a quarter inch from the bottom and drilled the holes for the rubber bands then I sanded the edges of the holes so that the rubber bands wouldn't break. After that I grabbed a dowel rod wood and I cut four pieces about half an inch each, then I sanded them so that they were smooth.

Step 5: Paint

I cut out stencils for the instructables robot, then taped the stencil on the box, after that I taped the entire top of the box so paint wouldn’t get on the other parts of the box. Then I let it dry, after that I took the tape off. Then I grabbed orange and yellow paint and painted the dowels and the divider and added some detail to the robot. After the paint was dried I applied a couple of coats of acrylic clear coat to the inside and the outside of the box.

Step 6: The Flingers

I put a piece of string through one of the holes that we drilled then I looped the rubber band through the string then I pulled the string through the outside after that I pulled both strings through the same hole. Once I had a loop of the rubber band showing thru the outside, I inserted the dowels on the outside of the box. I did the exact same on the other sides. (make sure the rubber band is not to stretched since it will make it launch further and harder to score).

Step 7: Finishing Touches

I flip the box over then I placed a felt pad on each corner so the court wouldn't scratch any surfaces

Step 8: The Rules

Rules of instructa-ball: the object of the game is to get all your nuts onto the other side of the court first by flinging them with the rubber band. If a nut from the other player launches out of the court you can continue playing while they go to pick up their nut. You can play with two, four, six, eight, or ten nuts. The player that is left with no nuts on their side of the court wins, Have fun!!!

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