Instructable: (Manual) TNT Cannon & More

Introduction: Instructable: (Manual) TNT Cannon & More

Make a simple and effective TNT Cannon in just a few minutes!!! +Learn how to modify the TNT Cannon and make some other explosive contraptions that will blow your friends away!!!

Step 1: Before We Begin...

Don't start blowing up TNT yet! Before we begin, we will need a few important supplies to help make this cannon.

These materials include: Obsidian, Marble Slabs, Redstone, Redstone Torches, Repeaters, A Button, A Bucket o' Water, and of course, TNT!

(Choice of blocks are optional, however, explosive-proof blocks are highly recommended when building the cannon.)

Step 2: The Foundation

You can start by making a 7 x 3rectangle on even ground using your obsidian and slabs.

This will serve as the foundation of the cannon and is very important.

Now, place a block on top of the near-end part of the cannon.

Then, place a block covering the near-end part of the pit right in front of the previously placed block. This will leave a little pocket underneath the block in which you will place a block of water.

The block of water is not to be eliminated, at the cost of your TNT cannon.

As you can see in the pictures above, I added some lighting in a safe area for decoration. This is optional.

Step 3: Redstone

Now comes the main part of the TNT cannon. You will need your repeaters, button, redstone, and redstone torch for this step.

First, place a redstone torch on the right side of the block on top of the near-middle end of the cannon.

Then, make a line of repeaters (4) facing the nose of the cannon. At the end of the line, place a block and place another redstone torch on the end of said block.

Now, on the other side of the cannon you must place a line of redstone 6 blocks long. It is extremely important that the line does not reach the end of the cannon.

Finally, put a button on the block in the near-middle end of the cannon. This is an extremely tough task and you may need multiple professional Minecrafters to carry out such a burden. (:P)

*The repeaters should be on 4 ticks (clicked 3 times) to prevent the TNT from blowing the cannon up. The repeaters can be used to measure the range of the TNT shot. The lower the ticks, the shorter the range.

Step 4: Loading & Shooting

You made the TNT cannon.

You messed with redstone.

As far as your concerned, you done with it all and now you can just shoot.

Knowing how to load and shoot the TNT cannon is very important and can be the difference between blowing everything up or destroying the enemy's castle.

Here are some tips that will help the cannon's performance:

1) Do not destroy the water block by placing anything directly inside the water source.

2) Make sure all the repeaters are 4 ticks. This will ensure best range and least danger.

3) Load, then click the button. Then wait a few seconds for all the redstone to reset.

4) Load the pit first, then the front. Just less likely to accidentally blow things up.

Step 5: Enhancing Your TNT Cannon

There are many ways to add on to your good o' cannon to make it bigger, better, and badder.

Here are some cool additions I made & tested for the TNT cannon...

Step 6: Doubling-Up: TNT Cannon Enhancer

You want more power? More range? More BOOM?

Here's how you can get it.

1) Replace the 4 middle blocks on the left side of the cannon with dispensers. You can shift-right click to place the redstone on top of them.

This will increase the range/power of the TNT Cannon. The effects aren't HUGE, but this is a simple way to make it better.

Step 7: Triple-Shot: TNT Cannon Enhancer

As I was testing the Double-Shot TNT Cannon shown previously, I found out a way to make my cannon shoot 3 TNT instead of 2!

Of course, this feat came with a price. The more TNT you shoot, the morepower you are going to need, so I was awesome enough to include an extra steps fully dedicated to not only making the 3 Shot Cannon, but to increasing the power of your newly made TNT Cannon by more then 200%!!!

I cannot stress how important it is and will be to follow my steps and pictures I provided. Failure to do so can result in the complete obliteration of your cannon and probably everything around it.

(You might want to make a copy of your cannon just in case :D)

Lets proceed to the next step ------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Step 8: Building: Triple-Shot TNT Cannon

Above are a bunch of pictures showing thorough steps about how to build the TNT Cannon.

(Because I'm too lazy to type everything...)

Make sure to complete the TNT Cannon before shooting it. When you finish the first 18 pictures worth of steps, you can load up the cannon to see if anything gets caught in the layers or blows up. To prevent the worst damage possible, keep the dispensers empty until everything is built, tested, and ready to go.

If you want to make the TNT shoot straighter, you may leave as little space above the dispensers as possible. You can also block off the 3rd dispenser with no consequence. This will make the TNT shoot straighter and is most effective if the cannon is in a high position (like on the edge of a cliff or airship).

We can discuss that function in the next slide...

Step 9: Suppressor: Additional Accessory (For Extra Powerful Cannons)

As your cannon becomes more and more powerful, you might notice how high your TNT shoots. Remember, your using TNT to move underneath the shooting TNT to push it up and out. The more TNT there is underneath, the higher your shot will go!

The solution to this problem is a lot easier then you may think. All you need to do is block off the space above the shooting TNT. In the pictures shown above, you can see the effects of a TNT Cannonwith and without the blockage.

Your going to need some redstone, some blocks, a lever, and a sticky piston.

Steps are shown in the pictures above...

Step 10: TNT Contraption: Rapid-Firing Explosive Death (R.F.E.D.)

Ok. Now I will teach you a quick and easy way to demolish everything in your path. This is a really cool machine that was introduced to me back when I played Minecraft on my Xbox360. With this weapon, you can make mountains collapse, buildings disappear, and pigs fly.

Ingredients of Death: 6 Dispensers, a redstone torch, 2 repeaters, some blocks, 6 fences, 6 pressure plates (of any kind), 3 buckets o' water, and some space. (As in build away from anything important and anything that's yours)

How: Shown in the images above.

You can make the redstone flicker by making the repeaters align as shown above. Then, quickly place down the redstone torchnext to the redstone and then break the torch. This must be done in less then a second, or the redstone will not flicker. Then, place the redstone on the first row of dispensers. Wait a second, then place the redstone on the second row of dispensers. It is very important that you do this correctly. If you put the redstone on both rows and light them up at the same time, all the TNT will explode at once, blowing up the machine.

Step 11: TNT Contraption: Launch Pad

What was that? You want something safe, fun, and fancy? I got just the thing. When you're not in the mood to blast something (or someone) off the face of the planet, you can make this fun and easy Launch Pad for you and your friends to enjoy.

First, your going to need to make a 3 x 3 hole in the ground, 2 blocks deep. Decorate as you please. Then, place a block in the middle and put water on it. Destroy the block. Put a lily padon that block of water. Now, surround the hole with dispensers (3 on each side). Put a block of water on each top-corner of the pit. It should look like the picture above. Finally, put redstone on all the dispensers and blocks beside them, and place a button on the ground. All that's left for you to do is filling the dispensers with TNT and decorating. When ready, all you need to do is stand on the lilypad and press the button.

You will be sent flying quite a few blocks (depending how precise your footing is on the lily pad).

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