Introduction: Instructable Robot Etched Onto ASUS EeePC

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ASUS sent instructables a EeePC to play around with for a few months. We thought it would be nice to send it back to them with a little love etched into it.

I went though a few different versions of the robot/instructable logo, before I opted on one I liked, and then adjusted the size to fit the laptop.

When sizing to the laptop, I made the image a little too wide to fit, this ensured the image bled all the way off the sides, giving the whole thing a pretty cool look.

I set the Laser Etcher to 100% speed and 40% power. If I could do it again, I would take the shading off the upper part of the robots legs, as it kind of bled into the background. Overall though, I'm very happy with the end product, and will enjoy calling it mine...

...until we have to send it back to ASUS.

You can find the .eps files following this link.