Introduction: Instructable of Stand and Book Separator With Reading Indicator.

I am a mother who is interested in distance education at home, therefore I use Tinkercad to provide a distance learning experience with my daughters. Also, personally, I'm excited about the design at Tinkercad. It is an excellent tool to express our ideas. In this way, I taught my daughter how to use and challenge her to design a large object, such as a book holder, which is very useful to be a novel item for your home or desk at the time of reading without problems. So, I started explaining the tools and finally created a login for it. Now you feel very comfortable in 3D modeling. The three designs you will see below are designed by her as I guided her and encouraged her to complete this task. In the following steps, I will explain the process of making these models.

The main problem that will be solved is the discomfort of holding your favorite book and just doing other things, like having a cup of coffee and enjoying that moment, so this innovative book holder will make it easier for you to read, while you are comfortable when you read and You have your hands free, without having to worry about the book falling down, getting windy and losing its page or just the hassle of having it yourself at the time. In the same way, an extra for this support is that it has a reading indicator so that you always know in which line your reading continues when you are distracted at that moment. There are 4 pieces that make up this great invention, which are:

1. Base containing the support. 2. Support that may contain the book you read. 3. Tweezers that separate the pages. 4. Separator of pages to not lose that rule that you read. There are other supports that are similar, but in itself, there is no other support and book separator as complete in its functions as this one.

Step 1:

First, the mold was chosen so that it is the base of the entire project, using 3d pyramids.

Step 2:

Secondly, a support was placed so that the book does not fall off so easily so that the reader can read safely and without problems.

Step 3:

Third, it is important to place an object so that it secures the book so that it does not fall so easily forward or down so that the reader can read safely and without problems.

Step 4:

Fourth, the arms of the object were placed, one of the most important parts for the book to hold to your needs.

Step 5:

Fifth, an example from a book was placed to reflect what this would look like on the prototype of the model.

Step 6:

Sixth, the example of a book was finished to reflect how it would look on the prototype of the model.

Step 7:

In seventh place, the sheet separator begins to be placed as an extra of this great project, so that the reader knows on which page and also the line in which it goes when it is distracted.

Step 8:

This invention is very simple to use, facilitating the instructions for use, which are simply based on: 1. Place the stand on your desk or table. 2. Set the page you will read. 3. Organize the reading indicator every time you read a line or paragraph and so ... 4. Now you can start reading with much comfort and ease!
So I share the step-by-step summary of the job at Tinkercad.

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Thank you!

Below is the link to this great project called: Instructable support and book separator with reading indicator and other projects as examples of the work done:

Step 9:

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