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Introduction: Instructables Bathroom Fix

The restroom is the glue that holds a small office together. A place of refuge, comfort, and privacy, the small office bathroom is everything to everyone.

Until randofo destroys it.

That's why we had to make this fix. His beefy paws ripped the lever from the tank like Mechagodzilla pulling the wings off of Mothra.

Step 1: Parts

Since a 2-restroom system serves our tiny lab, an immediate fix was required. We used what we had on hand (admittedly, this is probably the best place for a jerry-rigged fix outside of a hardware store) and here's the list:

acrylic paint*
jute twine
existing flapper & chain

*Unnecessary, but awesome.

Step 2: Tie Twine to the Flapper Chain

Lift the lid off of the tank.

Survey the damage.

Ignore it, then tie the twine to the flapper chain.

Step 3: Laser Cut the Acrylic

If you want the other members of your office to be able to know what to do with the string, it might help to write a little note saying "PULL TO FLUSH" on it.

Feel free to go crazy with the note. Just make sure it's clear that people are supposed to pull up to flush. That'll lift the plunger and allow the toilet to flush.

For those of you who are prepared to say, "But most people don't have a lasercutter!", don't worry about it. A folded up sheet of paper will work just as well. Maybe some cardboard. Cardstock. Use a marker to draw on a pen cap. Get creative.

Step 4: Put Everything Together

Tie it all together: flush sign, twine, and plunger chain.

Your office can function again until ewilhelm issues a coffee gift card bounty for the first person to properly fix the lever.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    haha. It is. It would be one of the few "there, I fixed it" projects to use a laser cutter and provide instructions for "fixing" it yourself.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    hahahaaa..... I used to work at a diesel garage and the mechanics would routinely destroy the toilet in just this way. It never seemed to occur to them that you don't need to use vast amounts of muscle to flush a toilet. I frequently used this sort of fix to keep the restroom semi-functional until the proper replacement parts could be secured - in fact, it happened so often that I used the same actual materials over and over again.

    Redneck fix? You betcha. Did it work? Damn straight.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Follow up
    I 'properly' fixed the toilet level in true Instructables fashion, using a few power tools and copious amounts of glue. Why buy a replacement arm when I can just make something?

    I'm drunk on power and coffee as I write this!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey where is the Sugru? I hope you guys did not run out, I am joining in on all the fun over at the beard shop! Sugru is sure to follow! Thanks for sharing your office humor with us. Are all of you this way? There really needs to be more sharing stories like this from our lovely staff at Instructables like maybe . . .Santa performs surgery on reindeer! I totally understand why Eric has not called the plumber, I can see the headlines now. Eric Wilhelm CEO from the Worlds largest "how to network" calls plumber to fix office toilet mishap! Frenzy accidentally eats worlds largest bug, Scoochmaroo's cat refuses to leave the comforts of " the turquoise bed," Mikesasaurus adopts pet dino. Wilgubeast receives gift card bounty from CEO, stumpchunkman wins carving contest, kazmataz auctions off Game boy dress, bakunin makes wig from mohawk, rachel knits Dr Seuss warm solar mittens, lamedust gets free hair cut, and Carleyy wins beard contest 2011! Thanks for sharing! Sunshiine