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The format of Instructables makes it an excellent resource for project-based education. For all grade levels, subject areas and skill levels, Instructables are available to address a variety of standards.

Step 1: Elementary

Elementary students can develop skills for following written instructions by ‘OrigamiEnforcer’ or another paper airplane ‘ible or a ‘StuMitch’ ‘Project to do with Kids’ ‘ible. Higher level students can also collaborate to write a class Instructable to develop their writing and editing skills.

Step 2: Middle/High

Middle grades and high school students can also improve their skills using an Instructable project, whether following directions for Reading or producing their own Instructable as a class project.

Step 3: Science

For Science students, ‘WYE_Lance’ provides excellent directions.  Aerodynamics and acoustics as well as other science topics are easily addressed with many available Instructables. for instance.

Step 4: Math

Measurement skills are used for many Instructables.  Higher level math skills in real world settings are also available such as this Instructable for creating a ‘Compound’ parabolic solar collector                                                                                         ( )

Step 5: Language Arts

Language Arts standards may be addressed through reading and evaluating various Instructables for spelling and grammar as well as ease of reading and accuracy of detail.

Step 6: Social Studies

Social Science standards may be addressed by having students vote on contest finalists throughout the school year and graphing their similarity/difference to actual results.  This is an excellent Sociology research project.

Step 7: Conclusion

There are myriad ways to use Instructables in your classroom. Take advantage of them TODAY! *ok, NOT today since it’s summer but…be ready for next year!*

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