Introduction: Instructables Podcast Vol. 2 - Build a Greener Life: Mdavis19's Electricity Producing Wind Turbine

About: I've worked for Instructables off and on since 2006 building and documenting just about everything I enjoy doing. I am now the Creative Programs founder and manager for Autodesk and just finished building out…

Part of Instructables' mission is to inspire our community to create and share great projects. We do this though contests, theme months, and challenges that are seasonally appropriate, part of a bigger cultural trend, or simply areas where we want to see more great Instructables. This year we've decided that our overarching theme will be "Green."

Volume 2 of the Build a Greener Life podcast series focuses on Instructables community member mdavis19, whose off-the-shelf-parts wind turbine showcases exactly the kind of DIY green ingenuity we love to inspire and share at Instructables.

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