Introduction: Instructables Project 10.3.1

In this project, we will be doing the design thinking and creating process to design a product for a staff member at CCS in using empathy in order to provide then a little help in their daily lives.

Step 1: Step 1- Interviewing

Firstly, we need to have our first interview with our housekeeping lady about her daily life. We asked her many questions including her favorite part and least favorite part of her whole-day working process and took notes on her replies.

Step 2: Step 2- Analyzing & Brainstorming

After we got some information from our housekeeping lady, we dig deep into her replies in order to find some clues and hints for our product. We analyzed her difficulties in her daily work, which our conclusion is lack of help, and had our initial design sketch. The purpose of our design was to help her with her working efficiency.

Step 3: Step 3- First Draft Modeling

With the sketch of the design, we started creating our product(first version) on Blender.

Step 4: Step 4- Feedback

With the first draft of our product, we meet with our housekeeping lady again and show her our product(electronic version) and get some feedback from her.

Step 5: Step 5- Publishing

With the feedback from the second interview, we modified and corrected some details in Blender and printed our final product using 3d printer.

Step 6: Step 6- Thinking

We want to convey the thoughts to our Staff members by creating little gifts caring about their needs that we understand and thank them very much for their hard working. It is their hard working that helps our community to be a better place. Everybody as a part of a community should have empathy and realize others' needs and help each other in order to improve our community together.