Introduction: Instructables Project for Art Educators

"Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your DIY creations"

In this project you will engage the Instructable platform as a technological pedagogical tool. Your audience is the broader community of internet users from ages approximately 6-100 years old. Thinking about the intersections of art, culture, technology, pedagogy and our themes (listed below)--what would you like to "teach the world"?

Themes: time, difference/repetition, sensorium, invisible/visible, mark making, play, translation, migration

Suggested technologies: Makey, Makey, conductive paint, conductive tape, LED lights, simple robots......

Resource: How to Make an Instructable

Step 1: Prepare

In this project you are "teaching the world" . What do you want to teach? why is it important to you?

What is your big idea?

Make a great Title for your project

Draft your introduction

Write your steps out

Gather your supplies

Look here for suggestions for your photos and documentation

Step 2: Do It | Document It

Make your project and document along the way with photo and/or video

Enter your text, making adjustments as you go along

Step 3: Upload to Instructable Platform and Publish

Upload your steps: text and images/video to the Instructables Platform

Hit the orange Publish button on the upper right to publish

You may edit after publishing

Step 4: Assessment/Evaluation

Your Instructable should be published by 11am Monday March 20

Provide the Instructor and Class the title of your Instructable so we can find it

Your Instructable should have:

  • Title
  • Introduction explaining your big idea, your thematic connection, your audience
  • At the minimum of 6 steps (total-including the introduction) maximum of ?? steps?

You will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Instructable is published AND accessible by the due date (late publishing will result in 5 points lowered for each day late)

Instructable is original (that is -- it is not a copy of an existing Instructable--YIKES)

Your Title is captivating and your Theme is crystal clear!

Step by Step Instructions are well written (no grammatical or spelling errors) and Visual Documentation of project steps exhibits proper lighting and clarity

Your Instructable shows evidence of rigor, craft, thoughtful integration of theme, intentional pedagogy, and synthesis of class readings and prior teaching experiences.

Your Instructable works--that is---the project is 'makable'!