Introduction: Instructables Robot Cupcake

This Instructable explains how to make an Instructables Robot cupcake. 

You can make this with your favorite cupcake recipe. I used a simple box cake mix. I used many chewable candies for the features (eyes, arms, legs, etc.) in order to keep this completely edible.

I also used:

Vanilla Icing - Pre-made
Yellow Food Coloring
Pretzel Sticks
Sugar Cookies

Step 1: Creating the Head and Body

Bake the cupcakes in a regular size cupcake pan. Using an ice cream scoop makes measuring the batter very easy. To make sure my cupcakes are baked perfectly, I use a pop-up timer that is used to cook  Duck and Capon. They pop at 203 degrees which is perfect for cake... it allows for the cake temperature to rise a few more degrees after it is removed from the oven. 

To create the shape of the cupcake I need, I place them into the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Slice off the rounded top of the cupcake to make the robot's body. The top will be the bottom. The cupcake will be placed onto a flat cookie. I used a sugar cookie.

First freeze your marshmallows and then slice them into as close of a square shape that you can.

Measure the length between the cookie and the head in order to cut the pretzel stick to the right length. Cut 1 1/2 inch pretzel lengths for the legs.

Step 2: Coating the Pieces With Icing

Use a knife to make a hole big enough to shove one end of the pretzel into.

Use a knife to cut a hole through the middle of the cupcake.

Place enough vanilla icing into a microwave safe bowl or measuring cup. Tint the vanilla icing to the proper color. Microwave the icing for about 10 seconds on high until you get to a thin consistency.

Dunk the pretzel legs and the marshmallow head into the microwaved icing. Place a pretzel through the cupcake and spoon icing over it until it is completely coated. You might need to reheat the icing as time goes on. Let all the items firm up and then dip them again.

After everything has completely dried, assemble the robot on top of the cookie.

Step 3: Adding the Arms, Eyes and More.

Take 3 lemon starburst and blend them together. This will make your arms and the "doors" to your heart. You only need a small amount for the doors.

Take the strawberry starburst and break off small pieces for the eyes and the ears. 

Add some black food coloring to a starburst to get the eyebrows, mouth, buttons, knobs, antenna and part of the wheels.

Place some vanilla icing into a pastry bag (See step 4 on how to make a pastry bag) and pipe the eyes and fingertips.

Cut a small square into the icing where you are placing the heart. Form the lemon starburst into doors and add them to your robot. You can either make a heart from starburst, pipe a heart or use a sugar heart (which is what I did).

The wheels are trimmed down Necco Wafers with the black tinted starburst around them.

Finally, tint some icing green and place into a pastry bag (See step 4 on how to make a pastry bag). Snip off the end and pipe grass around your robot.

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Step 4: Making a Piping Bag

To pipe the grass or eyes you will need a piping bag. It is very easy to make one from wax paper or parchment paper. 
  1. Cut a square piece of paper.
  2. Fold the paper or cut the paper to make a triangle. Since wax paper is thin I simply fold it in half.
  3. Take one corner and fold it toward the middle point.
  4. Do the same with the other corner.
  5. Adjust the points till you get a very tight point to your bag.
  6. Fold the points down as in the photo to prevent your bag from unfolding.
  7. Fill the bag with your icing.
  8. Fold in the top edges and fold the top edge down.
  9. Snip off the end of the bag with a scissors according to size desired.
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