Introduction: Instructables Robot Sweet Treat (Sweet RoboTreat)

Put the <3 in the I <3 Robot.

A sweet treat (gelatin dessert) done the Instructables Robot way. Because that's how it rolls...or jiggles.

I'm recycling my Instructables Robot robo-forms again. I had to make a heart shaped one the same way since I did not have one to fit inside the robot. I'll use it to make Robo-egg McMuffins for a nice breakfast later. Green and sweet!

Disclaimer: The following might or might not occur. Only Rocketscientist2015 and gmjhowe could know for sure.

In doing my Cyrano de Bergarac bit for Jessyratfink, this is what I imagine would happen:

(To top off a candlelit dinner...)

JRF: Let's get jiggy... (with knowing smile)
Boyfriend: Yessssss! (pumps fist in the air)
JRF: Close your eyes! (presents Robotreat)
Boyfriend: Awwww, Hellllllll nah.
JRF: But my love is not fruity...come back... (whimpering or demanding, you decide)

(Alls wells that ends wells.)

Happy Valentines Day to everyone.

Step 1: It's Moldy...

You can use any kind of gelatin dessert or even make this with an ice cream version. You could probably even adapt this with cake or cheesecake recipes.

You will need:

Two different flavors of gelatin dessert. Any brand.

Instructables Robot robo-form

Heart shaped form that fits inside the Robo-form

Flat containers or pie pans to contain the mess

Step 2: Batch Processing...

Select two flavors of gelatin that have a contrasting color. Flavor is probably a misnomer since each of the different colors all taste the same.

Prepare a small batch of red for the heart. Go according to the package directions for heavy duty molding gelatin. You can use even less water if you are fond of cafeteria hard jello that you can play ball with.

Fill up a small tray that is just a bit bigger than your heart form and stick it in the fridge to set.

You can now also just make a batch of orange gelatin that is just a bit bigger than your Instructables Robot form. If desired, you can add fruit to the outer ring of gelatin. Use fresh chopped or canned but no fresh pineapple. An enzyme prevents the gelatin from setting.

Try to get the same height or level layers for each of the batches.

Step 3: Orange Glo...

When your gelatin has set firm, an hour or longer in the fridge, it is time to plate it.

Try to unmold your orange layer onto a big serving platter or plate.

You may need to scrape the sides of the container and use a spatula under to help release the entire gelatin in one piece. Plop it out onto the serving platter by any means necessary.

If it tears or breaks a little, it will be okay if you can piece it back together.

Take your Instructables Robot form and press it into the orange gelatin layer.

Remove the excess from around the form. This is the cook's treat or you can save it for later.

Remove the form and tidy up the serving platter.

Step 4: Have a Heart...

Take the heart shaped form and punch it into the remaining gelatin.

Remove the heart shaped form.

Remove the excess internal material outlined by the heart shaped form.

In the red gelatin, use the heart shaped form to punch out a heart shaped piece of red gelatin.

Extract that heart and carefully place in the open cavity in the orange gelatin.

Carefully nudge the mass together and use the spoon to manipulate the edges together where necessary.

Congratulations, you have now performed a successful open heart gelatin dessert transplant.

Step 5: Ta Da!

Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream or you can save that for later. ;-)

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