Instructables Work Bench



Introduction: Instructables Work Bench

A Workbench with a foot rest to complete projects on.

Step 1: Clear Out a Spot

Clear out a spot 18.5in x 94in.

Step 2: Tools Needed

I used a Drill, Sander and a Circular saw. Tools can be substituted. Wood nails and drill-bits are required to connect joints. A protective coat for the wood is highly recommended, and strainer is optional.

Step 3: Pick Up Lumber From Local Hardware

Obtain wood in the desired size. For my work bench, I wanted my work spaced raised. You do not need to follow the specific dimension. If you do, please review the height of the table. The lumber is listed to the most efficient cuts to save money and reduce the leftover wood.

  • 2x10x10'

Cut to - (Number needed for project)

  1. 94in (2)

  • 2x4x10'

Cut to -

  1. 15.5in (4)
  2. 12.5in (3)
  3. 94in (4) (an addition 94in can be added as a back board so tools do not fall)
  4. 39in (4) (Height, Change if necessary)

Step 4: Measuring

Measure boards mentioned in the previous slide. Mark marginal excess to be sanded down. This will help make the joints easier to connect.

Step 5: Connecting

(Place Screw evenly that bisects and intersect, the wood joints. Also sand wood beams down so that they securely stand intersecting one another.)

  1. Assemble the interior frame by laying (2) 92in 2x4 on the ground.
  2. Match the corners of the 92in with a 15.5in 2x4, complete on each side.
  3. Evenly place (3) 12.5in 2x4 inside the frame created.
  4. Place the 40in (height) onto the side of the frame. Please refer to the picture as it attaches to the joints of the frame.
  5. Mount a 15.5in 2x4 inside the sides of the workbench frame. This is the support beam for the foot rest. The height can vary as well. I made my support beam 8in off the ground.
  6. Apply (2) 92in 2x4 on the determined back end of the work bench. The layout for the foot rest should resemble an L. Please refer to the picture.
  7. After checking all the joints, stand the workbench up and place the (2) 92in 2x10 on the top part of the frame. Sand to the desired lengths. and finish with a possible strainer and a protective coat.


Mentioned in the Lumber slide, attached the 92in 2x4 onto the back of the work bench. Showed in the Finished slide.

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