Introduction: Instructions on How to Make a Paper Plane

Materials Needed :
A4 size paper, Table.

Step 1: Orient the Paper in the Portrait Position on the Table.

Step 2: Grab the Two Upper Ends of the Paper and Fold Them Towards the Center So That They Make a Triangle.

Step 3: Fold the Triangular Shape Right Below Their Baseline to Make Another Triangle.

Step 4: Fold the Top Edges of the Triangle Towards the Center Leaving a Small Triangular Part at the Base of the Fold.

Step 5: Grab the Leftover Triangular Part and Lift Backwards to Close the Baseline.

Step 6: Lift the Paper From the Leftover Triangular Part and Fold Into Two Halves at the Mid Line.

Step 7: Fold Each Half of Paper Parallel to the Midline to Make the Wings of the Plane.

Step 8: Hold the Plane in the Mid Triangular Part and Throw in the Air to Make It Fly.