Zero Plushy From the Movie the Nightmare Before Christmas



Introduction: Zero Plushy From the Movie the Nightmare Before Christmas


Just in time to catch the spirit of Christmas, this Instructable for Zero from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas should prove to be an accessible way for beginner DIY enthusiasts to put their own spin on this season's decorating. Though machine stitching is also an option, this tutorial will only cover hand sewing requirements for this plush.

Step 1:

1) Obtain all materials required to make a “Zero” dog plushy from the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas. The materials are:

· A needle and white thread (or a sewing machine)

· 1 Yard of white fabric to make the plush body and ears.

· Orange fabric to make the pumpkin nose.

· Scissors

· Black buttons or black pieces of fabric for the eyes.

· Stuffing

· Fabric glue

· Red ribbon or a thin red hair tie.

Step 2:

2) Depending on how big of a plushy you would like to create, cut out two pieces of the white fabric in a shape of a dog's sideways mugshot using scissors. (Note: Remember to cut a head and to make a shape of a mouth, you can make his mouth opened or closed. Closing it will require an extra line of black fabric to outline the mouth later on).

Step 3:

3) Separately cut out floppy long looking ears using more of the white fabric. (Note: you can make the ears any size you desire.)

Step 4:

4) Sew up the two pieces of the white fabric for the body that you cut out in step 1 and leave some room so you can add the stuffing to the plushy. (Caution: leave a small section unsown so you can add stuffing, do not forget or else you'll have a very flat puppy!)

Step 5:

5) Flip the structure inside-out so that the seams are on the
inside, and then add the stuffing. After you stuff it, sew up or use fabric glue to close the leftover gap. (Note: without compromising the integrity of the stitches, really stuff the plush. You'll probably need more fluff than you think!)

Step 6:

6) Cut out small round eyes using the black fabric or use black buttons.

Step 7:

7) Place the black buttons or black fabric on the plushy where the eyes would go, either fabric glue the eyes or sew them on.

Step 8:

8) Next, attach the ears to the head by using fabric glue or sewing. If you'd like, fold the ears at the halfway mark and add a dot of glue inside the crease to give them a consistent folded shape.

Step 9:

9) Attach some red ribbon or a thin red hair tie around the neck of the Zero plush.

Step 10:

10) In this last step, create a small round pumpkin out of felt then stick it to the end of the nose using fabric glue or sewing. It's easiest to lay two orange fabrics on top of each other and cut out the pumpkin shape from there to make sure each piece is equally sized. (Note: You can keep the two pieces of fabric in place with some spare pins).

Step 11:


And there you have it! Let us know what you think, Zero has a versatile design and he's sure to welcome a little personal flair of your own.

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