Introduction: Instrument Panel Mod for GPS PDA Holder. I Made It at TechShop.

    * Screens of GPS PDA hanging on windshield could be hard to reach.  
    * The glare also make it hard to read.
    *  Increasing the brightness to counter the sun glare is too stressful to device battery.
    * At night, the brightness of the screen could be a annoying to the driver.
    * Exposing the GPS or PDA to direct sunlight make the device operate at high temperature.
    * Combination of all above issues could lead to degradation of performance and likely premature failure of the device.

     * Create a fixture to relocate GPS or PDA to a more favoratble location. 

      There may or may not be simple solution to the problem.   Some online sellers offer to use the CD slot to hold the GPS or PDA device.   But this would disable the use of the CD player.   
      Luckily, in my case, I do have a slot to build on.   I created a box that could be inserted to the vacant slot under my stereo.
I use Epllog Laser Cutter to cut the 4 panels.  The shape of the slot is somewhat trapezoidal.  The top surface is best using finish surface so to allow the suction cup to attach well.  I kept the rubber pad beneath the box so I could make a tight joint and also not to lost the rubber pad over time.  I would need to find a piece of rubber to reduce rattling noise of items placed in the box.

     Currently, there is a good fit and the 4 panels do not require gluing or permanently joining together.   I have chosen plywood over acrylic due to a few reasons: (1) Wood is practically free from scraps other makers left at the scrap box.  (2) Wood is durable and remain unaffected  by extreme temperatures.  (3) Wood could be stained and lacquer finish to match existing dash finish.

Thank you for viewing my instructables.