Introduction: Insturment Panel LED Bulb Retrofit

So here's the back story. I have a a 1995 Triumph Speed Triple, and the gauge cluster bulbs had burned out. These are not fun to get to and I figured, if these are the original bulbs, and have lasted this long, great, but they were never very bright for one, and for two some of them are on nearly all the time. While I'm in there, why not replace them all out with LED bulbs? Well turns out that the pre-build bulbs you can order on online, are: 1. Expensive 2. are going to take about a week to be delivered. Ok, I have soldering skills (minimal), and like to hack stuff, so lets make this a project. The following is the result of this whim for a weekend project.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Prepairing the Base

As previously stated, I will be using project board as my base for the "mini wedge" lights. so I took the original bulb and marked a strip of project board to width, and used the cutting wheel on the dremel, to make a nice strip suitable for my needs.

In this case, it was 2 holes wide for my sub-micro wedge bulbs (indicators), and roughly 4 wide for the wedge bulbs inside of the Speedo and Tach.

It is the 4 wide I will be showing the assembly of in this Instructable.

Now that you have your base, lets get to assembly!

Step 3: Assembly

From here its pretty simple. Using the Project board as a base, using one side as the Positive and the other as Negative, I created a Mini-wedge setup and in order to save space I put the resister facing upwards, next to the bulb. It seems to have worked alright. I may go back and refine my design for the larger bulb in order to increase light output, but for now, it works.

Step 4: Finished Product

As you can see the finished product is not all that great looking, but so far, works quite well.

I hope you enjoyed the instructable, and I welcome any suggestions or ideas for a better design.