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Introduction: Insulate Your Bed Headboard

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In this Instructable I will give you some short details on how I insulated the headboard of my bed.

The instructions are pretty simple, I bet by viewing the pictures most of you will get it.

NOW THE STORY! (I always have a story)

As many of you know economic times have gotten tougher. Being part of the lower end of the 99% I have had to make definate cuts in my expenses as have a lot of you. I found that affording an apartment that was comfortable and warm was not as much an option as it once was.

I have a sleeping bag that is poly filled, I think its about 30 years old now but clean and in good shape. As you can imagine I dont camp much :)
Instead of leaving it rolled up in the bottom of my linen closet I decided to stay warmer in the bedroom. My headboard faces a north outside wall on the third floor here in Denver Colorado. It can get a bit chilly here at times. the outside wall being brick exterior gets very cold when its cold and very hot when its hot. It absorbs a large amount of whats around it.

I was awaking feeling cool/cold near my head and thought gee if I put the sleeping bag over the back of the head board it might help.

Step 1: Select an Insulation of Choice.

I decided to use the sleeping bag since it was handy. You could use a blanket/comforter or what ever suits you.

I draped the sleeping bag over the back of the headboard and took it to about 1 inch off of the floor.

Step 2: Attaching the Insulation

The rest of the blanket, sleeping bag or what ever you can let come over the headboard and hang down.

In the pictures you will see I used what I think are plastic wood clamps from either Home Depot or Harbor Freight I cant remember which.

These clamps hold the insulation in place so it wont drift off course or fall down over the back of the headboard.
For those of you who like things to look pretty and sightly, you might have to get a bit more creative than I did in securing the insulation.
I personally dont live in the bedroom and just prefer to stay warm :)

Adding this insulation I found not only caused me to be warmer in bed but also found it reduced a bit of parking lot noise that I heard before.

** Remember its not just the blanket over you that is what keeps you warm, It's the amount that hangs over the side that keeps the warmth in.

Best of luck and stay warm.

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