Introduction: Insulate a Chicken Coop With Wool or Alpaca Fiber

Winter is in full swing, did you insulate the chicken coop? There's still time!

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How to Insulate a Chicken Coop with Wool or Alpaca Fiber

People are always asking me what they can do with wool or alpaca fiber seconds or thirds (neck, leg and belly hair) - the stuff that's too course or short to use for knitting or spinning. This is a great use for it and believe me, your chickens will thank you!

Side note: Some people prefer to place a heat source in the coop. Where we live, the power goes out frequently in the wintertime. If that were to happen in the middle of the night, our chickens would freeze to death. This way, they get used to the cold and will be just fine.

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

-Wool or Alpaca Fiber (ask your local alpaca farm – they usually have a barn full)

-Large Feed Bags

-Darning Needle

-Thick Yarn (Preferably synthetic as it lasts longer. Probably the only time you’ll hear me recommend synthetic yarn!) -Heavy Staple Gun

Step 2: Filling & Stitching

Fill your bags evenly with fiber, appr. 2″ thick. About midway up the bag, place a row of knots all the way across about 3″ apart. Think of an old fashioned quilt … simply poke the needle through both sides of the bag (with the fiber in between), pull it back up and tie the ends together in a knot. This will keep the fiber from falling to the bottom of the bags.

Step 3: The Fiber Donors

The girls wanna know what I'm doing with their fiber!

Step 4: Finishing:

All that’s left is to staple the bags to the inside of the chicken coop. They will settle and get icky and pooped on but should last all winter and help to keep your chickens warm.

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