Introduction: Insulated Heated Log Cabin Cat House

Winter is coming meaning your outdoor furry friends need a place to be warm. This Heated Log Cabin Cat house is insulated with a heated pad so your cat will stay warm all winter long!


Table Saw

Band Saw

Scroll Saw

Circle Saw

Coping Saw

Japanese Hand Saw

Belt Sander

Brad Nailer

Staple Gun


Tape Measurer

Carpenter Square

Drill Bits


Utility Knife

Draw Blade


Metal Roofing


Old Foam Insulation


Grace Ice and Water

Links for Heated Cat pads:

Step 1: Beginning

To start off I grabbed a piece of plywood slightly larger than the Heated Cat Pad. I left about 2 inches around the border so the Heated Cat Pad has a little extra space. After that I grabbed four 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" and laid two of them on the table, I then placed a pencil mark one foot up indicating where the floor is going to be nailed on. I put it one foot up because we get a lot of snow and I didnt want snow to get in. Then I cut two slats at 22", and after I nailed the floor to the slats.

Step 2: Walls+Insulation

I cut the plywood diagonally down 10° using a circle saw (refer to the dimensions photograph). I put the walls together before I nailed them to the cat house. I used old insulation, so I just cut it to the size of the walls and shoved/forced it in. Before I started nailing on the log siding, I made a border using wood. I cut the log siding to fit inside the wooden border. I had to drill a hole in the rear of the cat house to run power to the heated pad. For the door I cut a little rectangular area out of the tallest side(Front, refer to the dimensions photograph). I premade the door so it would fit perfectly into the rectangle I cut out.

Step 3: Roof

I stapled flexible packaging foam to the top to act as a cushion and to seal the heat in. I cut the roof plywood larger than the cathouse so there would be an overhang on all sides. I used hinges for the roof so i can open the roof, so it tilts back. I put a border of wood the same thickness of the insulation. Then cut the insulation to fit in it. I cut another piece of the plywood the same size as the other and sandwiched them together. After I put Grace Ice and Water shield on. I used scrap steel facia to wrap the sides of the roof with it and I screwed it in. I also used an old piece of steel roofing that my teacher gave me. I also screwed that on.

Step 4: Painting

You can paint it whatever color matches your house or just whatever color you want!

Step 5: Rough Dimensions

Here are the dimensions of my cat house.Your cat house doesn't have to be the size of mine! Feel free to make it whatever size you would like!