Introduction: Insulin Set Changes

As a type one diabetic, there is one thing almost every single one of us has to do...set changes. This basic step by step guide will show you how to insert the Medtronic Sure-T sets, and set up new reservoirs on your mini med pump.

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

First things first, gathering supplies!

You'll need:

1: Insulin

2: A Sure-T set

3: A reservoir

4: optional Tegaderm: Tegaderm is a clear tape that is used to cover incision sites like IVs in hospitals. ( I like using these to make sure the set stays where it's suppose to!)

Step 2: Preparing the Reservoir

Now it's time to fill your reservoir! When you open up the package you will see a blue application cap on the top of the reservoir. Then you take the insulin bottle and push the soft cap onto the needle at the top. Once you hear a click you can start to pull down on the plunger to however amount of insulin you desire. Once full you can pull the insulin off, and twist off the blue applicator.

Step 3: Preparing the Pump

Now its time to get the old reservoir out of your pump and load the new one! Don't worry if you don't have the type of pump I do, all of them give prompts on how to do this step!

1: Locate the options section and new reservoir sections on your pump. You should then be able to rewind and then screw out the old reservoir at the top left and insert the new one.

2: Once the new reservoir is inserted select next, load, and wait for the pump to secure the new reservoir.

3: Then it's time to fill the tubing, before inserting the new set. Hit fill tubing and wait until you see drops of insulin at the end of the needle in the set.

Step 4: Inserting the Set

Now lets insert the set!

1: remove the paper covers on the the sides protecting the adhesive tape.

2: remove the plastic cover over the needle

3: Pinch the two plastic handles together to hold the set

4: Find a spot of fat (arm, leg, thigh, buttocks, I've even seen some people use their breast!)

5: Then come straight down into the skin

6: Follow the same instructions with the second part of the set (Don't worry there is no needle with this part!)

Step 5: End Result

You are all done! Now is the time to add the Tegaderm if you feel like it. Make sure to rotate your sets every three days to avoid any issues or skin damage!