Introduction: Integrated Space Saving STB Shelf for TV

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Ever had a TV kept on a table with no dedicated space for the cables or the auxiliary devices.

Ever made the Set Top Box (STB) feel like a nomad without its own space??

Then this is the solution to that problem

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Materials you need:

  • Plywood - 5mm thick (length
  • Wooden Strips - 5mm thick, 1in wide
  • Bolts, Nuts and Washers - 6 units 2mmØ
  • L bracket - 2 units of 2in each
  • TV bolts - 4nos. (as provided with the TV for the wall bracket)

Materials you need for support:

  • Drill machine
  • Drill Bits - 2mmØ, 10mmØ
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood saw

Step 2: Prepare the Bench

Using the measuring tape, note the vertical distance between the back screws and the height to the top of the TV from them.

Mine was 320mm wide between the 2 screws and a total of 510mm to the top of the TV.

Leaving 1inch from the bottom, mark the space for the bottom screw.

Step 3: Preparing the Vertical Support

After drilling the two 10mmØ holes in a wooden strip for the TV back screws, mark the holes for the L bracket at the top of the strip and drill it with the 2mmØ drillbit. Fix the bracket with 2 bolts and fasten it tight with the nut.

Repeat the step for the other wooden strip.

Step 4: Preparing the Platform

Cut the ply board in a rectangle of size 4in wide. This is the minimum as it is the size of the bracket, but you may choose smaller brackets also depending on the weight of the STB. The width of the ply can be increased depending on the width of the STB.

For the length, measure the space between the 2 horizontal screws on the back of the TV and 1inch on either side to it.

Mark the holes of the brackets on it and drill holes into it.

Step 5: Fixing It to the TV...

I did not have a wall mounted TV, so I just removed the placeholder clips from the crew mount.

Fix the vertical supports in the manner shown and screw the platform on top tightly onto the bracket.

The STB can now be placed on top.

Step 6: Finished

Connect the cables to STB. You are now ready to return to a relaxing siesta infront of the TV!!!