Intel Aero Drone - Adding Propeller Guards




Introduction: Intel Aero Drone - Adding Propeller Guards

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Do you have an Aero and want to save some money from having your propellers break? Try adding these stylish propeller guards to your own Aero kit.

This process will take around 14 hours for printing.

Step 1: Collect Materials

For materials, all you will need is

  • 1x 3D printer with 25cm x 16cm print area minimum
  • 16x M3 screws, 12mm long (guard assemblies to drone)
  • 12x M3 screws, 8-16mm long (guard bases to guard rings)

Step 2: Print the Parts

Download the STL files here

Send the STL files into the printing software of your choice and print. Be sure to print 4 of each part. Each base takes around 2.5 hours, and each ring takes around 1 hour for a total of 14 hours. Each guard assembly weighs about 20 grams printed in ABS, for a total of 80 grams.

After printing the bases, simply break/cut off the support material.

You can use any color you like, but I highly recommend printing in black, as this will definitely make the parts more robust.

Step 3: Admire Your Work

14 hours later, take a moment to appreciate your cool new propeller guards.

Step 4: Screw Bases Onto Rings

Take 3 screws and screw each base onto each ring. If you have screws longer than 8mm, use them here.

Step 5: Screw on Bases

First you'll need to remove the screws which are holding each motor. Then you can place a base under each frame and screw them to the frame and motor with the 8mm screws.

Step 6: One More Thing

After everything is done, there's only one thing left to do.

Try to go easy on it...

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    Question 3 years ago on Introduction

    A really helpful feature! Since I'd like to print the base without the support material included in the .stl file, could you provide the .prt file of the base, please?

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Good safety feature. This would really help to protect the drone itself and everything around it. These should be standard on all drones.