Introduction: Intel Edison Fruits Plucker for Garden Trees

The concept figure to pluck the fruits from trees without damage to branches.

Step 1: Intel Edison Board

Intel edison board with the Micro USB cable, the step by step assemble of board can be available at (

Step 2: Grove Starter Kit

The grove sensor kit is used to interface the sensor to the Intel edison board.

Step 3: Servo and Chopping Bladeset

The servo motor and the blade set is used to chop the fruits, flowers, twigs, etc from plants/trees.

Step 4: Analog Potentiometer

The potentiometer is used to control the servomotor motion to a particular angle to chop the flowers from plants.

Step 5: Assembled Kit

Sensors are connected to the Intel edison board through grove kit.

Step 6: Software Downloading

The required software for the Intel edison board can downloaded and installed from the following link

Step by step run up for installation is given in the below link

Step 7: Software Programing

The software programming for the fruit plucker can be done in Arduino IDE, the codes and details of senors can be find in the link

Step 8: Uploading the Software

The software program is uploaded to the Intel edison board to function the fruit plucker device. The software installation and uploading is available in the youtube video.

Step 9: Functioning of Fruit Plucker

After uploading the required software the functioning of the device can be checked by plucking the flowers from the branch.

Step 10: Job Complete

The job is completed with cutting flower this can be implemented to cut flowers, fruits, twigs, small branches etc with this Intel IoT fruit plucker.