Introduction: Intel Edison I.R. Break Beam Sensor

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Intel Edison Arduino I.R. Break Beam Sensor

Step 1: Parts

Intel Edison Arduino

I.R. sensor

I.R. L.E.D.

I used the I.R. break beam sensor (, but you can recycle any broken device that uses an I.R. remote, as long as the I.R. L.E.D. and sensor aren't what's broken.

Step 2: Assembly

Wire it up like the picture above. You can add an external L.E.D. , I recommend pin 12, it wouldn't blink an external on pin 13, for me, but the on board L.E.D. did.

Step 3: Download the Code Below


IR Breakbeam sensor demo!


#define LEDPIN 12

// Pin 13: Arduino has an LED connected on pin 13

// Pin 11: Teensy 2.0 has the LED on pin 11

// Pin 6: Teensy++ 2.0 has the LED on pin 6

// Pin 13: Teensy 3.0 has the LED on pin 13

#define SENSORPIN 4

// variables will change:

int sensorState = 0, lastState=0;

// variable for reading the pushbutton status

void setup()


pinMode(LEDPIN, OUTPUT); // initialize the LED pin as an output:

pinMode(SENSORPIN, INPUT); // initialize the sensor pin as an input:

digitalWrite(SENSORPIN, HIGH); // turn on the pullup



void loop()


// read the state of the pushbutton value:

sensorState = digitalRead(SENSORPIN);

// check if the sensor beam is broken

// if it is, the sensorState is LOW:

if (sensorState == LOW) {

digitalWrite(LEDPIN, HIGH); // turn LED on:


else {

digitalWrite(LEDPIN, LOW); // turn LED off:


if (sensorState && !lastState) {



if (!sensorState && lastState) {



lastState = sensorState;