Intel Edison, Twitter API, and Cute Dogs

Introduction: Intel Edison, Twitter API, and Cute Dogs

Can't decide which dog is cuter? Why not let the internet decide for you? This simple project uses the Intel Edison to scan Twitter for certain hashtags and drive servo motors and an LCD screen depending on what people are tweeting about.

Step 1: Parts

1. 2 cute dog pictures. May substitute baby owl pictures if necessary.

2. Intel Edison and Arduino breakout board

3. Grove Sensor Shield

4. 2 Grove Servos

5. 1 Grove LCD screen

6. Foam board

Step 2: Setup Intel Edison

If you have not yet setup your Intel Edison, or if has been a while since you last used it, go through the setup process to ensure you have the latest firmware and drivers installed.

Follow the guide here:

Step 3: Set Up Twitter App

You will need a Twitter account to get this to work so set one up if you don't have it.

Then go to: and create a new app. When enter website make sure the enter the entire url ( You can leave the callback url blank.

Once the app is created go to Keys and Access Tokens and create an access token. You will use this token along with the consumer keys at the top of the page to link to your account via the Twitter API.

Step 4: Install Twit Module for Node.js

In order to get the code to work you must install the twit ( module on your Intel Edison.

If you are using the Intel XDK IoT Edition ( to program your board you will have to add twit to the dependencies list in package.json:

"name": "Twitter_Dogs", "description": "", "version": "0.0.0", "main": "main.js", "engines": { "node": ">=0.10.0" }, "dependencies": { "twit": "latest" } }

If you are not using the XDK connect to your Edison over serial (using putty or screen) and install the package manually with:

npm install -g twit

Step 5: Program Your Edison

Now that the dependencies are taken care of you can upload the following code to your Edison. Take note that you must enter your specific keys near the top of the code.

The comments in the code should allow you to understand the gist of what is going on.

Code can be found here:

Step 6: Connect Servos & LCD

To connect the servos and LCD first plug in the Grove Sensor Shield into the GPIOs on top of the Edison.

Then connect the servo moving the first dog's head into D5 and the servo controlling the second dog's head into D6.

Connect the LCD screen into the i2c port.

Step 7: Build Dogs and Connect Them to Servos

Now that your servos serve its time to hook them up to something cute! We used two photos glued to foam stock with the heads cut out and connected to a servo arm. Use your imagination!

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    7 years ago

    So . . . did the internet determine which dog was cuter??

    My vote is for Fluffy, if that makes any difference :)