Introduction: Intelligent Door/Box (Intel Iot)

Project Name: Intelligent Door/BoxCloud

Connectivity: yes

Software Components: Web Services, Node.js, Arduino IDE

Hardware Component: Intel Edison board, Solenoid lock, GSM Kit, Relay, push buttons Dev Kit: Grove Kit, jumper cables

Pain Point:

Case I : In a scenario to book room in a hotel we often face a situation to manage our room keys such as collecting keys from reception, remembering where it is kept, fear of losing the keys, carrying extra weight, sharing of key, etc..

Case II: Another pain point which our solution solves is "Unattended Courier Delivery". There might be a case when you are not at home and courier is supposed to delivered. In that case you are afraid to ask someone else to collect your courier. Solution: Consider you have a room booked in an apartment or guest house(Case I).Or consider your courier/mail box when you are out of your home(CaseII). We are providing an amazing solution to unlock the door (of booked room) or the unattended courier/mail box which can be of your home or office via a simple call of your registered number.

Flow:- Guest Books Park Plaza at site- Guest receives booking confirmation with a Dial In number.- The number becomes the door key, valid for checkin-checkout duration- When Guest Dials in the number from his phone, the number is verified by the door for the lease,with hotel web server- on successful verification, the door opens.

Step 1: Burn the Code Into Intel Edition Board

Please find attached code to be burn inside Intel IOT Edition Broard.

Step 2: Burn the Code Into Arduino Uno R3

please find attached code to be burn inside Arduino uno.

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

1. Arduino to GSM Board connection:

digital pin 10 — connect to TX of GSM Modem

digital pin 11 — connect to RX of GSM Modem

GND - connect to GND of GSM Modem

2. Arduino to Edition Board connection:

Analog 4 (A4) - connect to Analog A4 of Edition board

Analog 5 (A5) - connect to Analog A5 of Edition board

GND - connect to GND of Edition board

3. configure any of the edition digital pin as output and on call detection give 5v to open the lock.

4. Power up all the board and call to the circuit.