Introduction: Intelligent LED Night Lamp

Do you ever have any experience waking up in the night looking for the light switch? Those days are over, now this device is a smart LED night lamp that can be turned on with a single movement of your hand. People should have this intelligent LED Night Lamp because this Lamp is able to show us where the light switch is and this device is very convenient, the sensor is on for 24-hours straight. In this tutorial, I am going to show the functions of this LED night lamp and how to make it.

Now, I am going to explain how does this device work. This device uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect if your hand is near the sensor or not. Once, the ultrasonic sensor detects your hand, the two LED lights will be turned on and you will be able to see the light switch in your room and you can turn on the lights.

Step 1: Prepare These Materials

In order to make this device you need:

  1. Arduino Leonardo *1
  2. Breadboard *1
  3. Wires *28
  4. Ultrasonic sensor *1
  5. LCD Screen *1
  6. Cardboard ( 100*100 )
  7. 220 OHM Resistors * 2
  8. LED lights (Blue *1) (White *1)
  9. Green Tape
  10. Cotton Balls *10

Step 2: Code Your Arduino

Step 3: Connect the Circuit

Step 4: Make the Outside Appearance of Your Device

Steps to make the Cardboard Box

  1. Cut 4 pieces from your 100cm * 100cm cardboard. The size of the four pieces would be (19.5cm *2) (13cm *2)
  2. You will then stick these four pieces together and will form a shape of a rectangle. This rectangle shape box will be used to cover your Arduino breadboard and your wires.
  3. Cut a hole next to the power receiver so your device could have electricity to make it function correctly.
  4. Cut a hole next to the breadboard so you can connect your Ultrasonic sensor outside of the box. The ultrasonic sensor would be placed right next to the box.
  5. Cut a hole in order to connect your LED lights outside of the box.

Steps to make the Lamp

  1. Cotton balls will be placed on top of the cardboard box.
  2. You will hide the LED lights within the cotton balls.
  3. You will use a transparent container to cover it, in order to protect it from being unorganized.

Step 5: Upload the Code and Test