Introduction: Interactive Art With Bare Conductive and a Makey Makey

Use a thrift shop painting to make art come alive. Parts: Bare Conductive Ink Makey Makey Different Sized Jumpers Thrift Shop Painting (or other art) Tools: Laptop Soundplant Software Tape

Step 1: Find Some Art

Find a painting or piece of art work that you want come alive. Check the thrift shop or your attic.

Step 2: Add Jumpers

Use jumpers to poke through the painting on the spots that you want to make interactive.

Step 3: Paint With Bare Conductive Ink

Dab spots of conductive ink over the jumpers on the front side of the painting. These will become the contact spots.

Step 4: Plug Jumpers Into the Makey Makey

On the backside of the painting attach the jumpers to " wasdfg" of the Makey Makey. Let the ink dry for 30 min.

Step 5: Plug the Makey Makey Into Your Laptop

Using a USB cable, plug the Makey Makey in and connect it to your laptop.

Step 6: Attach a Ground Wire

Use another wire to connect to the ground (or earth) on the Makey Makey

Step 7: Test for Connectivity

Test your work by holding the ground wire and touch the painted dots to see if all of your connections are working.

Step 8: Download Sounds

Find several short .wav sound files that you want to use. You can create your own or use sites like

Step 9: Download Soundplant

Download Soundplant 39 from Assign .wav files to the wasdfg keys on the keyboard.

Step 10: Have Fun

Holding the ground wire, touch each of the painted spots to hear the sounds that you assigned. Have your friends try it too.