Introduction: Interactive Baymax Shirt!


  • Shirt (I got mine from Walmart for 5 dollars)
  • 2 Gemma's: found @
  • Lilypad Temperature Sensor: found @
  • Lilypad Sound Buzzer: found
  • 3 Neopixels
  • 2 small batteries that connect to the gemma's
  • White, Red, & Blue felt (Use any colors you want!)
  • Red & Blue embroidery thread (Colors limitless)
  • Conductive Thread
  • Conductive Fabric for Baymax's hands
  • Needle

Step 1: Getting Started!!

My nephew loves the movie Big Hero 6 so I wanted to make him a cool interactive Baymax shirt for his birthday! I started by just going to Walmart and buying a 5 dollar shirt. I simple looked up a picture on the internet and sketched the fluffy shape of Baymax on some white felt. I then cut it out and stitched it onto the shirt. After I cut out a circle from some red felt and stitched it onto the shirt as well. I wanted the shirt to look nice so I added little bits of design here and there! The red circle is what I later stitched the gemma to. I thought that by having a red background on the gemma the shirt would look more appealing! It's up to you though! The design options are endless!

Step 2: Having Fun With Neo-Pixels!

I first sewed on the gemma onto the red patch and then

connected the gemma to the 3 neopixels.

I connected them using conductive thread.

1.I went from the v-out pin on the gemma and connected it to the positive pin on each neo-pixel.

2.Then I sewed from pin D1 on the gemma to the middle arrows on the neopixels.

sidenote:Make sure all of the arrows are facing down.

3. Lastly, I sewed from the GND (ground) pin to each negative pin on each neo-pixel.

Step 3: Gemma to Temperature Sensor

If you've seen the movie, Big Hero 6, you know that Baymax is a robot nurse. I thought it would be fun to go with the nurse idea and attach a temperature sensor to the shirt so that Baymax could ultimately calculate someones temperature.

I used conductive thread to attach the temperature sensor and gemma together.

1. First I sewed from the GND (ground) pin on the gemma to the negative pin on the temperature sensor.

2. I sewed from pin A1 on the gemma to the "S" pin on the temperature sensor.

3. Last of all, I sewed from the 3Vo pin on the Gemma to the positive pin on the temperature sensor

Note that: The temperature sensor is connected to the Gemma and the Gemma is connected to the Neopixels.

Step 4: Time to Code the Temperature Sensor

I wanted the lights to light up according to the temperature the temperature sensor was reading.

Blue Neopixel=Cold Temperature

Purple Neopixel=Medium Temperature

Red Neopixel=Hot Temperature

Through a lot of trial and error with the coding, I came up with this code that can be found

through this link on

I found that the temperature sensor does not read body heat very well, so by just touching the sensor with your finger it takes a while to heat up. What I discovered is that when you blow on the temperature sensor the sensor can read the heat much quicker!

Step 5: Tips on the Code

The "strip.setPixelColor (0,0,0,0)" part in the code determines what colors the neo-pixels will be.

so for example the (1,150,0,160) numbers next to the strip.setPixelColor code are the numbers for the color purple.



Check out the Video and see the lights/temperature sensor in action!

Step 6: Let's Make Some Music!

I really wanted to make the shirt make sound so I used the lilypad sound buzzer to do just that! I cut out a circle out of blue felt and sewed the second gemma onto it. Then I connected the gemma to the lilypad sound buzzer.

With conductive thread I did this by:

1. connecting the GND pin on the second gemma to the negative pin on the buzzer.

2. Then I connected the D0 pin on the second gemma to the positive pin on the sound buzzer.

Step 7: Coding the Music

Then I coded the notes into the theme song!

You can find that code here:

I did this by finding out what number correlated to which piano note.

so for example the number 1319 correlates to the note E.

Once I acquired all the right numbers according to their notes I looked up a piano tutorial on youtube

on how to play the "Immortal" theme song on Big Hero 6. I wrote down on all the notes and then coded

the correct numbers into the code. On the code I modified, I have written in comments explaining which

number correlates to which note.

Step 8: Capacitive Touch!

I didn't want the song constantly playing, so I modified the code so that when you touch the hands of baymax the music comes on! I used conductive thread to sew conductive material onto both of Baymax's hands and then connected them to the gemma.

I did this by:

1. Connected the conductive material on Baymax's left hand to pin A1 on the 2nd Gemma.

2. Connected the conductive material on Baymax's right hand to the GND pin on the 2nd Gemma.

Now when you touch both of his hands with both of your hands the big hero six theme song plays!

How neat is that?!?

Step 9: Design Details

Since the shirt needs to be some kind of power source, I attached a small battery to each gemma to keep the shirt powered! I made little pockets to keep the batteries in to make it look nice. I simply did this with colored felt and embroidery thread.

Step 10: Ta Da! We're Done!

And just like that you've made an Interactive Baymax shirt!

I can't wait to give this shirt to my Nephew.

I most definitely am going to win the "best aunt of the year" award!